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Famiy Histories

Some family histories that have been or are being researched.  Jean Borgeson will help those who are interested in family information of people who are buried in the three Washington Township Cemeteries.  Or some histories have been put together and may include your branch. 

Just some of the names that have been researched and shared: 

Tallman, Lieberknect, Garnet,  Anschutz, Thornburg(h), Eaton, McClain, Heater,  McComb(s), Stevens, Chance, Johnson, Morain, Derry, McDowell, Nicholas, Lofstedt, Winchell, Grow, Martin, Lee, Coon, Rhoades, Adkins, Chambers, Hiddleson, Muir, Temple, Johnston, Rittgers, Winkleman, Morse, Thompson, Martin, Osborn, Crumley, John(s), Lovejoy, Robbins, Wood, Kelleher, Beaman, Young, Parr, Miller, Messinger, Fry, Garren, Gonder, Andrews


It's an on-going process and new names are researched and added regularly.