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Washington Winners Meet February 13, 2011

Washington Winners met for their regular meeting, February 13, 2011.

Washington Winners
    The Washington Winners 4-H club held its regular meeting Feb. 13. 2011.  Final decisions were made on the new club T-shirts and orders were taken.  Reminders were given about FSQA, swine weigh-in, the baby-sitting class, and deadlines for junior camp a
 livestock ID’s.
    It was decided to enter the annual basketball tournament hosted by the Greenbrier club.
    A workshop will be held for any members who would like help with record books.
    Three members gave presentations.  Harrison Johnston told about a recent trip to Bauer Built Manufacturing in Paton.  Kane Borgeson presented his home improvement project of silverware made with deer antlers.  Tom Gannon told about identifying pigs by ear notching.
    After the meeting, 25 Valentine plates were assembled and delivered to local elderly residents.  Sean Kenan, reporter.

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