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2010 Activities

2010.2.27[Soup Contest]
2010.3[Cookbook Drawing]
2010.3[Mario Kart Contest]
2010.5.29[Memorial Day Picture Viewing]
2010.7.21[Water Your Mind READ!]
Rippey Library "Make a Splash -- Read" June 2010
Jefferson Herald June 24, 2010 Rippey News by Velda DeMoss The Rippey Public Library's summer reading program, "Make a Splash -Read", continues on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. A special program, "Pocket Full of Puppets,” will be presented on Monday, June 28. Courtesy of the Greene County Librarians Association and the board of supervisors, this program will be a special feature at all Greene county libraries. The final reading session will be Wednesday, June 30, at the Rippey Library. Brenda Roberts has been the summer reading director.
2010.2.6[Brr Ride]
Rippey Library Summer Reading "Make a Splash - Read" June 2010
Jefferson Herald July 22, 2010 Rippey News by Velda DeMoss Library News Summer Reading is over for this year and the program was a great success. Total attendance was 105 kids who checked out a total of 175 books during the eight sessions in June. Brenda Roberts was the director for this summer's program. The group performed several scientific experiments concerning the properties of water plus made crafts and played games centered on the theme of the summer—"Make a Splash at Your Library-Read." The next segment of this year's program, entitled "Water your Mind-Read," will be held once a week on Wednesday afternoons for four weeks beginning July 21 and ending Aug. 11. This program is geared for the older youth arid adults, but everyone is invited to attend. The first session will involve answering a survey about each participant's favorite interest and how they would like to "water their mind" about their favorite subject. The following sessions will center on the group's interest with guest speakers and group discussion.
Rippey Library Summer Reading Program June 2010
Images of Rippey Library Summer Reading, June 2010. Brenda Roberts was in charge of the sessions, titled, "Make A Splash!"