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Rippey City Election November 6, 2001

Voters re-elect Mayor Steve Wilkening, and councilmen, Dan Brubaker and Gary Schmidt on November 6, 2001. Connie Gohn-Ades and Connie Gohn-Ades were elected to fill the vacant seats on the council.

Jefferson Herald  Nov. 8 2001



At Rippey, Connie Gohn-Ades, Dan Brubaker and Chris Weyer were elected to the three seats up for the

council. Brubaker is an incumbent. Weyer won as a write-in candidate.  Incumbent mayor Steve Wilkening won re-election.

 Rippey vote totals were as follows:

 Connie Gohn-Ades 47, Dan Brubaker (incumbent) 45, Chris Weyer (write-in) 39, Gary Schmidt (incumbent) 34, Claudia Brubaker (incumbent) . 14;. mayor. , Steve  

Wilkening (incumbent) 44.