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Summer Reading with Wilmuth, 1967

Wilmuth Peters is reading to the kids during Summer Reading, 1967
Summer Reading with Wilmuth, 1967

Wilmuth Peters reading to the kids, 1967

*What a lot of fun we had last Wednesday, July 12, at the Library.  There were 60 Indians who came to the Reading Party.  Mrs. J. J. Peters was in charge and her stories were interesting to both the very young and those a little older.  She showed some costumes of Campfire girls and Blue Birds and Brenda Fessler and Theresa Derry were her models.  Of course, we had the "Ten Little Indians," "Coming Round The Mountain" and lasso races.  A "Bag of Tricks" created a lot of interest.  Every child, as he entered the door, was fitted with an Indian headband and two red feathers, so that the room soon looked like we were having a Pow  Wow.  Several boys were stripped to their waists and war paint applied.  One little girl carried her papoose on her back.
*Those helping with the books were Mrs. Paul Bardole, Mrs. Gerald Fessler, Mrs. Don Stiles and Mrs. Velda DeMoss.  Cookies and kool-aid preceded the signing out of books.
*We had one more Reading Day, Wednesday, July 19, then comes the Round-Up, which will be on July 26.  The award cards will be passed out then and the afternoon will be nothing but fun, fun, fun.  Better Come!