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Rippey Iowa Community Notes!!

Announcements of interest in and around the Rippey Community.


The Rippey Library Board of Trustees held an open house for Shawneene Kenan on Thursday, August 30, 2018 in the community room.  The board furnished the goodies and the room, as well as the library, was decorated in fall colors by Maralynn Rinker.  The afternoon was spent visiting with friends and well-wishers who came to thank Shawneene and wish her well.


 The meeting minutes, policies and city ordinance concerning the Rippey Public Library are located under the About Our Library  tab.  The Rippey Public Library Board of Trustees governs under the guidelines in the Iowa Trustee's Handbook located at   Mandy Easter is the Law Librarian, Iowa Library Services Law Library.  The Rippey Public Library is in the Central Iowa District.  Maryann Mori is the District Consultant and Doreen Buls is the Library Resource Technician  These resources are available to help libraries with any questions that may need to be explained. Training for librarians and trustees are held for the libraries in their district.  In Greene County, all six libraries are well represented when the training sessions are scheduled.  The libraries take turns hosting these events.

August 16, 2018 will be the 74th anniversary for the Rippey Public Library Although Rippey had a library for decades available to it's patrons, a meeting of the Town Council on June 12th, 1944, Ordinance #48 was passed and adopted, establishing a free public library for the Town of Rippey.  From The Jefferson Herald, August 10, 1944:  The Rippey Library wIill be open to the public for the first time on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1944, although the tax appropriation to support the project was not available until the following spring.  With the spirited interest of the community and their combined efforts, a collection of books and equipment for the reading room was gathered to start the project.  A sizable gift was one of several hundred books of the library of the late W. E. Jenison, given to the library by Mrs. Jenison, who also gave the library a sectional bookcase.  Mrs. Morton Wolfe and Miss Verna Lawton donated magazines to be used by the library, the first in the town of Rippey. Other information concerning the first year: Mrs. Mildred Castles served as temporary librarian and in 1945 Susie Wilson became the librarian.The first board included Helen Crumley, Miriam High, Lavina Fry, Nellie Senter, Wilmuth Peters. Later Mrs. Senter resigned and was replaced by Mrs. Millie Castles. Mildred and her husband, Dr. William Castles moved to Dallas Center in early April, 1946. Source: library records and newspaper articles.