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Rippey Library News October 9, 2019

News from Phyllis Bardole, Rippey Librarian includes past events and upcoming events happening at the library.

Rippey Library News, Phyllis Bardole, Librarian  October 9, 2019

               September 28th was the mini con at the Rec Center in Jefferson.  This is put on by the Supervisors and the six libraries of the county.  It was my first.  I must say it was exciting but very tiring for me.  There was a good turnout though and I think everyone including the vendors had a good day. Thanks to the Supervisors for sponsoring this

                This week is Fire Prevention week, but we are going to have our firetruck at the library on Wednesday October 16th when the bus gets to the library.  Pete Johnson will be there with the firetruck and will also provide a program for the kids inside.  Parents and others are welcome to come.  Let's support this.  They protect us all and there are things kids need to know if there is a fire at their house.

                Also, there will be a flu clinic at the library, Tuesday October 14th from 2 -4.   If you have not gotten your flu shot yet please come and get that done.  This isn't only for your sake but for the growing number of people who can't get the shot.  They can't afford to have the flu and neither can you.

                Speaking of October, there will be a Halloween party at the library.  When we know when the town is declaring Halloween night, ours will be from 4 - 5 at the library.  Families are welcome. Costumes will be judged.  We'll have a light supper and treats and then you can go around town and get more treats.

                We have also had someone give us several books and DVD's.  There are a lot we don't have, and I am in the process of going through them to get them processed and on the shelves.  I have to buy more DVD cases as ours are full to the brim.  There will be a lot more to check out.

                As always, we have books and DVD's that have not been returned to the library.  If you happen to have some, please bring them in. Others may want to check them out.

                We wish the farmers a safe harvest.  It is late and wet.  Watch out for them on the road.  Everyone will be hurrying to get the crop out.