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Rippey Baseball Hosts Unique Fundraiser, August 16, 1951

Fundraising for baseball in Rippey was common in the “old days." One in particular that caught my eye was the one announced Thursday, August 16,1951, in the Jefferson Herald. There must be some fun memories from this game. Franklin Johnson was Mary Cunningham’s uncle, so you can be sure I will be asking her about it! Admission was only 60 cents, I see. Oh, how times of fundraising in general has changed! Jean Borgeson, September 20, 2016

Jefferson  Herald, August 16, 1951 

Cooper Ladies Team vs. Rippey Men In Baseball Benefit Sunday 

Rippey—The Cooper ladies baseball team, one of the outstanding clubs of its kind in this part of the

state, will meet the Rippey baseball team here Sunday evening in a benefit performance for the  Rippey


            The public is invited to attend the performance, which will get under way at 8:15 on the diamond here.

            There is considerable back-and forth bantering involved in the battle between the Rippey men and

the Cooper ladies—and Umpires Franklin Johnson and Dewey Rench have indicated that "there

have been attempts to influence the officials' game time decisions."

            Rules for the game will be according to those set up by the Cooper International Ladies Baseball

organization. At this point, the significance of this long title is not clear to the Rippey males. Neither is i t clear just what the "new rules" will have to offer.

Game time is 8-15 p.m.


Ad in paper:



The Outstanding Ladies (?) Team (?) from Cooper vs.

Rippey, in a benefit performance for the Rippey ball

players. Don't miss this game for a good time and

plenty of laughs. Their only performance in the state

this year. Time 8:15. Admission 60c.