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"New Rippey" to "Rippey", 1957

November 5, 1957 election to change town name from "New Rippey" to "Rippey".

  From The Rippey News in the Globe Free Press

October 24, 1957
    At the coming municipal election to be held November 5, 1957, the citizens of the incorporation will be given an opportunity to vote on a special proposition--that of changing the legal name of the town from "New Rippey" to "Rippey".  This change should have been made many years ago, since the original village of Rippey has ceased to exist as a village, and any reference to it is by the name , "Old Rippey".
    Also, the post office department does not list or recognize the name, "Old Rippey", and the general public uses only the named "Rippey".  Only for legal descriptions or judicial use is the name "New Rippey" employed, and the worked "New" can be legally dropped and discontinued if it be the will of the voters.  This change will not in any way invalidate any old records, but may help to prevent errors which may occur if omission of the word "New" is made in certain documents.