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Rippey Iowa 1871 Article About the New Community

An April 28, 1871 Jefferson Bee news article by editor Al Swaim, complements the community on it's successful growth.

Jefferson Bee, Friday, April 28, 1871; pg. 3  Al Swaim, Editor & Proprietor

Rippey Station—The manner in which New Rippey has been taken with the fever of improvement of late is gratifying, and that we shall soon have a fair-sized community of industrious people gathered together there, promises most details.  The improvements are marks that bring gratification to everyone who desires the thousands of untilled acres to bloom and blossom as the gardens of the storied past.  Our domain is wide, healthy and fruitful, and that its advantages are being well canvassed and fell in with, we have only to point to the numberless farms now being open and to the white covered the wagons and tents dotting the green prairie in almost every part of the county.