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Rippey IA Improving in 1882!

Rippey, Iowa was improving enough in 1882 to have an article written about it. The farmers were recovering from low land values and continuing to forge ahead, as farmers usually do. As they succeeded, so did the town.

Jefferson Bee May 10, 1872

Rippey ITEMS —Mr. Local: This place is improving. Rev. D. M. Mallory has erected a first class dwelling, and is making things look comfortable is glad about it. D. Thorp has recently erected a small business house and is now engaged in "drawing lager" for those that love the beverage. The public school Is taught by Miss Maggie Cochrane, a first class teacher. The school at Old Rippey is taught by S. W. Johnson, a man of much experience in teaching and a teacher of acknowledged excellence. The summer terms have not yet commenced in a majority of the district, but will soon. Anderson & Co. have received a full stock of farm implements, and other good usually kept in an agricultural store. The country around is improving vary fast; land it being broke, and houses, barns, etc. are going up in all directions. Farmers are busy putting in their crops. Wheat looks well, and bide fair to be a good crop. There is a Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry in this township, composed of our best farmers and is claimed to be a great benefit to the farming community.  There It considerable talk about the Boone Valley and St. Paul Railroad. There is a petition in circulation asking the trustees to call an election to vote a five per cent tax in aid of said road. Should it carry, it will raise about $15,000.