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Rippey, Iowa First National Bank Celebrated 100 Years in 1986

Clark Bardole wrote the history of the First National Bank in Rippey, Iowa. Clark was associated with the bank for 43 years.


Greene County’s Oldest Bank

By Clark Bardole 

            In 1882, Mr. Suydam started the private bank known as the Bank of Rippey opened for business in a frame building located directly east of the dwelling now on the east end of Main Street.  Later the building was moved and is now used as a dwelling. Later the bank moved to the hotel building located on the north side of Main Street across from a livery barn.  Mr. Suydam sold the bank to A.P. Gilliland and William Davis in 1898.

            A second bank was started by Wesley Johnson in the rear of his hardware store where the west restaurant building is located.  Later Mr. Johnson built the building which is now on the north side care and moved the bank there.

            Banker William Davis married the daughter of Banker Johnson, his competitor and in about 1900 purchased his father-in-law’s bank, then known as the Commercial Bank.  In 1902, Gilliland and Davis sold to W.J. McCamon and

J.M. Woodworth. Two years later in 1904, J.H. VanScoy came to Rippey as an associate of McCamon and Wordworth’s  with instructions to organize a national bank which would take over the assets of both the Bank of Rippey and the Commercial Bank.

            The First National Bank was chartered and opened for business on Feb. 7, 1905. The First National has operated continuously since that time under federal government regulation and supervision. The first directors were W.H. McCamon, J.M. Woodworth, A.P. Gilliland, J.H. VanScoy, and Allen Mace. Officers were McCamon, president, VanScoy, cashier and John Haberer, assistant cashier.

            McCamon served as resident until his death in 1929 when Alex High was elected to succeed him. At that time directors were Alex High, Owen Gilliland, B.M. Riley, I.J. (Frank) Burk and J.H. VanScoy. In August 1944, the shares of VanScoy, Burk and McCamon were purchased by Claus Loof and A.J. Jensen.

       Since 1963, the bank building has been completely remodeled. In 1967, the Post Office moved across the street after having been in the back portion of the Bank building since 1905.

            B.M. Riley joined the board in Jan. 1919 serving continuously until his death in June of 1983.  He had been bank president since March of 1931. R.G. Loof was elected to serve as president in 1983. 

            Clark Bardole first joined the bank in September 1931. After the death of Mr. VanScoy in July of 1944, Clark Bardole was elected to take over the duties of cashier. He served in his position for 35 years, retiring on December 31, 1979, after serving a total of 48 ½ years.  Following Clark’s retirement, Maybelle Wisecup became the CEO and cashier on January 1, 1980.            .

            The 100 anniversary was celebrated with an open house June 19, 1982.

The bank officers were B.M. Riley, president; Clark Bardole, vice-president; Claus Loof, vice-president; Maybelle Wisecup CEO and cashier and Myron Rinker, assistant cashier. Other employees were Marilyn Millard and Karen Countryman, bookkeepers. 

Employees Through the Years 

            Through the years may fine people have been employed in the First National Bank. Inadequacy of old records has made it necessary for memory to pay a part in compiling this list. Some names may have been unintentionally omitted.

B.M. Riley                               Herbert VanScoy

J.H. VanScoy                            Clark Bardole

Chas Haupert                          Dorothea Dugan Luther

John Harberer                         Anna Fay Truax

Jennie McGee                         Marjorie Johansen

Bertie Stoufer                         Dale McDowell

Milford Lofstedt                      Clyde Smith

Elsie Groves Ury                      Dorothy Rueter

Oren VanHorn                         Mary Farley   

Howard Jackson                      LeJane Dillivan

Marguerite Putzar                  Bonnie Kendall

Ethel Hankins                          John Gartsee

Max VanScoy                          Marvin Hiddleson

James VanScoy                        Claudette Fry

Ralph Shoemaker                    Maybelle Wisecup

Mayflower Wells                    Ivan Lindell

L.S. Burk                                  Myron Rinker

Lorene Derry                           Mary Burkett

Ferne Holmes                          Marilyn Millard

Hans Nelson                            Janice Friess

                                                Karen Countryman

                                                Eleanor Alex

                                                Janice Hamilton

            Our 100th Anniversary staff now includes B.M. Riley, president; Maybelle Wisecup, CEO and cashier; Myron Rinker, assistant cashier; Marilyn Millard, teller;

Karen Countryman, bookkeeper.

            It would not be worthy of the progressive community we serve if the First National Bank looked backward, even on such as auspicious occasion as a 100th

Anniversary. While we look back with satisfaction upon our record, we are far more deeply interested in our possibilities for future service. It is in that spirit that we face the days and years ahead with the slogan. . .