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Rippey, IA Fun Day August 9, 1980

Rippey Fun Day was held on August 9, 1980. Rippey News reporter, Ferne Holmes, provided a detailed summary of the day.

Rippey Fun Day August 9, 1980

Jefferson Bee August 12, 1980

Rippey News Mrs. Paul Holmes (Ferne)

Rippey Fun Day got underway Friday evening with the Antique Tractor Pull, with 83 pulls registered. Harry Plahn was the announcer and Tim Fiala was the overall chairman. Many thanks go to the Co-op for providing the area and access to the building for the food stand and electricity. Many volunteers provided help for preparing the track and during the Pull. The Fun day committee served sandwiches and pop. Neither the rain nor the surprise arrival of a CNW switch engine dampened the enthusiasm of the pullers or spectators.

 The Pull was sanctioned by the Central Iowa Tractor Pullers association, with trophies presented to the three top places in eight classes. The winners were:

'35 Old: 1st Tim Paullin, Paton; 2nd Jeff Paiillin, Harcourt; Allen Willenberg, Dedham.

'35 New: 1st Mike Vogel, Lohrville; 2nd, Scott Paullin, Paton; 3rd Don Fields, Paton.

'45 Old: 1st: Paul Oberding, Glidden; 2nd, Jay Adamson, Grand Junction; 3rd, Pat Irlbeck Dedham.

'45 New: 1st; Craig Soresenson, Churdan; 2nd, Mitch Laub, Rippey; 3rd, Dennis Hubby, Ogden.

'55 Old: 1st, Calvin Stuart, Ft. Dodge, 2nd Jay Adamson, Grand Junction, 3rd, Chester Creswick, Roland.

‘55 New: 1st: Chris Fouch, Rippey; 2nd, Kevin Bauer, Paton; 3rd, Keith Stueve, Templeton.

'65 Old: 1st, Daryl Fischer, Dedham; 2nd, Jed Rengard, Dedham; 3rd, Jerry Riesenberg, Roselle.

'65 New: 1st, Jerrry Paullin, Harcourt; 2nd, Jerry Groves, Rippey; 3rd, Larry Pomeroy, Dedham.

How many remember the fun you had of placing pennies on the rails, to be flattened by the passing train? It was a new experience for several youngsters (maybe oldsters, too) Friday night. The train crew might have been a little disturbed to have a crowd of people on the track but were cooperative, and the eats committee gave them a lunch.

The parade on Fun Day was a few minutes delayed due to over 170 entries and getting them lined up in order. Co-chairmen for the parade were LeRoy Overman, Kathy Hegtvedt and Rosie Hoffman. Don Grow was the announcer over the PA system.

Judges were Mrs. Kathryn Witte of Perry and Mrs. Joyce Roberts of Dawson. The prize of $25 was given for the outstanding entry,- won by DeRoy Murphy, dealer for Moews Seed Corn.

The committee appreciated the entries from. Perry, Ogden, Jamaica, Jefferson, Grand Junction and other area towns, plus the political candidates, the antique cars, et al.

The parade began with the Rippey Legion Post color bearers. J. J. Peters, grand marshal and Mrs. Peters’ car was escorted by their son Dan Peters of Humboldt on his Tennessee Walker horse, carrying the United States flag; his son Douglas followed the car, astride his pony.

Entries are too numerous to mention individually, included many clowns, cyclists, and the Float loaded with 14 Little Miss Rippey candidates—Jennifer (5) and Laura (3) Frederickson, Rebecca (6) and Sara (5) Gannon, Jodie Slight (6), Carrie Leesley (6), Tina Weir (6), Carrie Monthei (5), Mindy (5) and Jenny (3) Conroy, Cybil Luett (5), Heather Thompson (5), Cassandra Brown (4), and Nicole Orfield (4), and last year’s Teen Queen, Miss Barb Neese. After the parade, Jodi Slight's name was drawn and she was crowned by Barb, and received the Fifty dollar Savings Bond.

Jake's Cafe, with extra help, was open to serve lunches to those who did not join the line at the Methodist Church, which was served this year inside Fellowship Hall. One lady remarked that she thought her church society could learn a lot from the local system in serving a crowd in record time.

The demonstration by the Grand Junction Rescue Unit (we hope people gave generously), and the appearance of the Life Flight from the Iowa Methodist Medical Center, were of much interest.

A long line formed early for the Free Pork barbeque supper in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wisecup, chairmen, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stewart, Mr.  and Mrs. Dale Morse, Mr. and Mrs. LaVere Derry, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Contner, Mr. and Mrs. George Millard, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tiffany, Mr and Mrs Walt Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Johnston and Ned Johnston. They did an excellent job, and appreciated the extra help of Mr. and Mrs. Art Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Souder.

A big crowd surrounded Phil Lansing, who was in charge of the drawings for other prizes, preceding the free pavement dance which lasted for several hours, beginning at 8 p.m., with the band "Stampede", sponsored by the Rippey Tap. The approaching thunder shower held off until early Sunday morning.

There will be a committee meeting August 18 at 7:30 in the First National Bank room to determine financial results of the Fun Day project. Mrs Velda DeMoss has served as chairman and Walter Anderson as the treasurer.

Winners of various drawings, races, tractor pull, etc., will be found in other reports.

Rippey Fun Days Aug. 1980 sponsors

Jefferson Herald, August 18, 1980 Rippey News by Ferne Holmes

In Rippey Fun Day races and contest

 George, Millard was assisted by Willie Lansman Jr arid Larry Auen, and Teri Derry was the registrar.

Competition in the foot races was interesting, and each winner received a Two dollar bill for the prize. Pre-school  class—Sara Gannon, Jennifer Kiner and Brian Wilson.

In the following, the girls' winner is named first, and the boys' second.

 1st Grade, Bridget Gannon, David Cooklin;

2nd grade boys only—Keith Countryman;

3rd grade—Michelle Grow (Boone), Wade Godwin;

4th grade—Dawn Hamann, and a tie between J B Slight and Tom Striegel;

5th grade—Stephanie Heller, (Adel), David Hamann;

6th grade—Penny Millard, Buddy Herrick;

7th grade—Sandy Onken, Joe Dolan;

8th—Cindy Harden, Shawn DeMoss;

9th grade—Tammy Millard; and

11th grade, Teann Millard.

Egg Toss Pre-school—Jennifer and Jessica Kiner;

1st & 2nd—Bridget and Rebecca Gannon;

3rd & 4th—Monica Schumacher and Michelle Grow;

 5th and 6th—Tad Werneburg and Jon Delp;

7th & 8th—Cindy Harden and Rona Cross;

 high school--Jacque Carlisle and Gary Erickson;

Adults—Bryan Fessler and David Tipton.

Sack Race Cindy Harden and Rona Cross won both the Kids and Adult classes.

Skillet Throw Tammy Millard (girls) and Debi Millard (womens).

(Broken) Skillet Throw Cindy Cavener, Jim Mertz, Kevin Cooklin.

Tug of War  (winning side) Larry Auen, Mike Marr, Ron Glenn, Louis Monahan, Willie Lansman and Jim Von Behren,

Dee Hoffman and Debbie Erickson were, chairmen, of the Girls' Soft Ball game, and Jack Nation was chairman of the Men’s FUN game of baseball. Charles Tipton was the announcer. 

RaffIe Winners   

The Grand Prize of a "Pink Weekend" in Minneapolis was drawn by Grace , LaKose of Malcom.

 Portable T-V set (black-and. white) from the Rippey Coop, won by Floyd Groves of Rippey.

Bushel of Moews Seed- Corn from DeRoy Murphy to Helen Thompson, Rippey

Bushel of Y-W Hybrid Seed Corn, to Dean Wood, Grand Junction.

Electric Fly-Killer from the Coop—Clair Griffin, Jr, Perry

Gift from Fashion III, place mat 4 napkin set—Randy Koch, Rippey

Gift from Bacon Jewelers—Bill Wagner, Perry.

Fun Day Caps from McAfee won by Bill Wiscup and Ned Johnston, Rippey

Case of Oil from McDowell Service, won by Velda DeMoss, Rippey

 50 pounds of Dog Food from the Co-Op—Rose Gray, Grand Junction

Car Tune-up from Daniel Brubaker—Lois Todd, Rippey

Case of Pop from Dan Brubaker—Ned Johnston, Rippey

Two sets of Steak Knives from Farmland—Virgene Morse, Rippey

Gift from House of Calhoun at Perry—Donna Tolle, Perry

Purses from the Rippey Savings Bank—Pam Pantier, Perry; Cecilia Chirinos, Perry; Jake Peters, Rippey

Purses from the First National Bank—Bill Walzer, Beverly Whiton, Mick Derr, all from Perry.

American Legion Post, raffle for dressed hog—John Crossman, Ogden

Jefferson Bee, August 26, 1980; Rippey News,Mrs. Paul (Ferne} Holmes

The following individuals and organizations contributed to sponsorship of the Little Miss Rippey contestants for Rippey Fun Day: American Legion Post, American Legion Auxiliary, Amitie Club, Brubaker Construction, Eastern Star Chapter, Elmo Masonic Lodge, First National Bank, Bill and Janis Hamilton, Lions Club, Monthei Repairs Shop, Overman Barber and Beauty Shops, Rebekah Lodge, Rippey Cooperative, Rippey Savings Bank, Rippey Tap, Royal Neighbors, Searchlight Club, Service Star Legion, Jim Todd Standard Oil, Tri-Lite Windows and the United Methodist Women. It was a worthwhile project and every one of the girls was a prize-winner.