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Killam Hardware Store, August 1952

C. Wilton Killam purchased the hardware of Arthur V. Lauver and took possession September 15, 1952. He remained in business until Jan. 1972. In November 1955, he purchased the Wall feed building east of the hardware store, This building was one of the remaining early landmarks of Rippey, established by B. F. Osborn in 1878.

Rippey, Iowa Hardware Store

 Killam Hardware 1952-1972 

 Jefferson Herald August 21, 1952; pg. 12, Rippey News

 A  deal was made last  week  where-by C.  W  Killam purchased the hardware of  A. V.  Lauver.  Mr.  Killam  is  a farmer   northwest   of  Rippey  and is well  known  in  this  locality.  He takes  possession  Sept. 15. Mr.  Lauver will continue to assist in the store until Mr. Killam  begins work.  The Lauvers plan to remain in  Rippey and retire from  active business.

Jefferson Bee Sept. 23, 1952; Rippey, IA News

 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Killam have taken over the hardware business which they purchased a few weeks ago from A. V. Lauver. Mr. Killam will announce a special opening as soon as stock can be rearranged.  The Killam family are living on the farm until after the crops are harvested.

 Jefferson Herald, Oct. 9, 1952

 The Killam Hardware opening Saturday was attended by a large number of people from this community with a registration of 250. Doughnuts and coffee were served during the day. Several basket bouquets from business firms and friends were presented the new firm. Demonstration of the Bendix Twins, washer and dryer were given throughout the afternoon. The first prize of $20 on major appliance went to P .B. Smith of Jefferson, the coffee maker to Carville Scharingson and the electric iron to Ronald Gonder. Teddy Bass was the lucky boy for the roller skates. Mr. and Mrs. Killam took over the store which they recently purchased from the Lauver Hardware Co. on Sept. 18. The interior of the building has been redecorated and rearranged.

Globe Free Press  November 10, 1955  Grand Junction, Iowa, Rippey News

 Killam Purchased Rippey Landmark

B. F. Osborn Buildings, Rippey, Iowa.

                C. W. Killam has purchased the Wall feed building east of his hardware store and will use it for a feed store.  Mr. Killam plans eventually to tear it down and rebuild.

                The building is one of the landmarks of Rippey.  It was the building in which B. F. Osborn established his drugstore in 1878 and continued there until the erection of the corner brick building in 1910.  The old building was then moved to the lot east where it was used for a millinary shop by Enolia Osbun, later as a barber shop, which was operated by Ralph Bayard.  A cream buying station was also located in the front of the building at one time.

                Shortly after World War II, Darwin Hiddleson of Perry leased the building and had a branch office for his funeral director business.  He continued here until John Evans purchased it for a produce station, later selling it to Chester Wall, who continued the produce business until June, 1954.  It has remained unused since that time.

                The upper story for many years was the home of the Osborn family, later was used for a telephone exchange, also a picture studio, which accounts for the glass skylight on the east side.  Many families have lived in these rooms and if only the walls could speak, many interesting tales of early Rippey, being amazing and interesting, could be told.

From The Globe Free Press, Grand Junction, IA; 27 Jan 1972  Rippey News

Thorpe’s Purchase Killam Hardware

                Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thorpe have purchased the stock of the Killam Hardware.  Mr. Thorpe will combine the hardware with his plumbing business and will rent the Killam building.

                The sale was finalized, Saturday, January 22, 1972.  Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Killam owned and operated the hardware Store for the past 20 years.

 Globe Free Press  November 10, 1955

                The Kent Seed Store in Rippey has closed and the stock has been removed. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marsh, who live on a farm east of Berkley, have operated the store for the past two years. Mr. Marsh has winter employment in Perry Mrs. Marsh, who has been in charge of the Rippey store recently, will remain at home to assist in the care of her mother, Mrs. Bessie Smith, of Jefferson, who recently underwent surgery.