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Rippey, Iowa Landmark Torn Down, 1994

The building known as Crumley and States, or more recently as Rains Clover Farm Store was demolished in 1994.

Picture taken by Jean Borgeson. History of this building elsewhere on this site.       Overman Barber Shop, Crumley-States Building Before Demolition, 1994

Picture taken by Jean Borgeson in 1994, just before demolition started.  I always thought this was a stately building.  (no pun intended)   If only the walls could talk!  I started a timeline for the owners of the building for the 125th celebration in 1995 and off and on would find other stuff to add, as I would find while doing research for Rippey folks.  I would have liked to have known Sarah Pelly, an independent woman ahead of her time!  Jean Borgeson, March, 2020

Jefferson Bee, March 30, 1910

The workmen are busy on the new brick building Crumley & States are erecting.

From the Globe Free Press, Rippey News, September 30, 1926

Crumley & States Sell

            A deal was closed last week when the Crumley & States Store was sold to Beckman Bros. of Sioux City.  Possession will be given Jan. 1st.  We have not learned what either Mr. States or Crumley plan to do, but hope they decide to remain in Rippey as before.

Crumley, William Hasley  died 31 May 1935

Jefferson Herald, June 6, 1935 

Excerpt from obituary:

Rippey  Morns Loss  of  Prominent   Citizen 

The city of Rippey  lost  one  of  its  early  residents  last  Friday when W. H. Crumley,   father    of  Dwight   Crumley  of the  Rippey  Savings  Bank,   passed   away  after  an  illness  of  ten  days. The deceased  had  been  a resident  of Washington   township   all   his   life,   having   been  born  at  Old Rippey in April,  1861.  For  nearly  fifty  years  he  had  been  in  mercantile   pursuits,   first   for   several   different  business men  of other  days  in  Rippey, among  them  being  A.  D. Keller, W.   D. Rust, and the   firm  of  Bullock  and  Kreamer.  Later he entered partnership  with Wm. Radebaugh  and  then with Chas.  D.  States, the latter partnership  continuing  up  until  two or three  years  ago. 

Jefferson Herald, August 28, 1947

C. D. STATES, RIPPEY  From obituary

In the spring of 1906, the family moved to Rippey where Mr. States engaged in the general merchandise business in partnership with W. H. Crumley. This firm continued until 1927 when he retired from active business.

Jefferson Herald, January 20, 1927; Page 1


Are Among Leading Firms of Central Iowa—Main Office Is At Mason City

                The Beck Brothers Company of Mason City, Iowa, recently closed a deal for the purchase of the Crumley and States store at Rippey. The new firm is recognized as one of the leading merchandise firms of central Iowa and they plan in putting into operation at Rippey the same business methods that have brought the firm success and good will in other cities where they are located.

                The main office of the Beck Brothers Company  stores are located at Mason City, Iowa.

The Rippey store will be a branch store of the company but it will be maintained as the equal of any stores operated on the Beck Brothers Company’s chain.

                It is understood that the company has under consideration, the opening of similar stores at other, points in Greene county.

                The firm is composed of wide-awake merchants who understand the merchandise business and who have made a success of this line of business for many years.

Sarah Pelley

Jefferson Bee Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1929

New Firm

                Sarah E. Pelley and brother, E. C. Pelley wish to announce that they have purchased the Rippey Mercantile, Co. store and will continue to operate it under the present name, Rippey Mercantile store.  It will be the policy of the store to give you the best of merchandise, best service, best treatment, with lowest prices possible.  We ask your patronage and believe you will find it our interest to Make Our Store Your Store.

Jefferson Bee, July 11, 1944

                Mr. and Mrs. Everett Thornburgh took possession last week of the grocery which they purchased recently of Sarah Pelley.

                Miss Pelley plans to leave the last of the week for Lake City to visit relatives a few days before leaving for Indiana, where she will make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Pelley near Charleston.

                Miss Sarah Pelley left Saturday afternoon for Marysville, Ind., where she will make her home with her brother Cleo and his wife. She will be employed at Charleston, a few miles distant from Marysville.

Sarah Pelley died April 19, 1963 in Indiana.

Jefferson Paper, October 30, 1951 pg 3

The Briardale Grocery which was owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Everett Thornburgh for the past 8 years was sold last week to Herman Lambert who took possession Monday. The store will be closed for two weeks while the interior of the building is, being re-decorated and rearranged. Mr. Lambert is well known in the Rippey community, where he operated the B & L coal mine for a number of years. He has had experience in the meat cutting business and plans to have a first class meat counter in connections with the grocery line. Mr. and Mrs. Thornburgh will continue to live in Rippey.

Jefferson Herald, November 22, 1951; pg. 1

Lambert buys grocery store from Everett Thornburgh


Rippey—The H. and G. Grocery had its opening Friday and Saturday, with 265 registering. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lambert recently purchased the stock from Mr. and Mrs. Everett Thornburgh and have added new equipment and re-arranged the interior. A new meat cooler, a double display grocery shelf and new cash register have been installed. A number of large bouquets of cut flowers were presented to the new firm on their opening and coffee and doughnuts were served Saturday. Mrs. Goldie Lovejoy has been secured to assist in the store. The firm will continue to handle the same brand of groceries with specials on weekends.

Jefferson Bee  May 5, 1953

Rippey News

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Morris of Boone took over the grocery which they recently purchased from Mr. Herman Lambert.  They are staying nights with his brother and family in Jefferson and will move to the Shoemaker apartment June 1.

Jefferson Bee December 8, 1953


Rippey—The Morris Grocery changed hands recently and possession was given Monday, Dec. 6. The new owners are Mr. and Mrs. Claire Atkinson of Clemmons, Iowa, who will live In the Overman apartment. The Morris' plan a motor trip in the South for a few weeks’ vacation while Mr. Morris Is recuperating from surgery.

Rippey Playground

The Jefferson Bee, June 29, 1954    Kiddies Get Playground 

Work has begun last Tuesday on the Masonic lot at the rear of their store building for a playground. The lot had formerly been graded and all rubbish re­moved. Robert Heater, with a caterpillar and bulldozer removed a large cement cave.  The local Lions Club is in charge of the improvement and playground equipment will be installed soon.

The Jefferson herald Jefferson, la., March 3, 1955

New Rippey Grocery Owners Take Over

Rippey—Mr. and Mrs. Frank Saiter and daughter of Galva moved last week to the Patterson farm residence southwest of town. Mr. Saiter is the new owner of the Braiardale Grocery, having purchased it a few weeks ago from Mr. and Mrs. Claire Atkinson; he took possession Monday. Mr. Saiter's father, also makes his home with the family.

            The business is known as the “Atkinson" corner grocery and general store. Mr. Saiter is an experienced grocery man and meat cutter.  He plans to change to the Clover Farm line of merchandise, with a formal opening later. 

Rains Clover Farm Store 1960 -1975

Jefferson Herald, January 7, 1960  Rippey News, Mrs. Jay (Winnie) States phone 1 on 38

Rains Couple Moves to Rippey to Operate Store

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rains of Glidden are new residents of Rippey, having moved from Glidden Thursday to the Naylor residence in the north part of town.  They took over the clover Farm Store Saturday, Jan. 2.  They purchased the store several weeks ago from Frank Saiter.

The Saiters will continue to live in Rippey.  Mr. Saiter will remain with the new owners a short time to help them get started in their new business. The Saiters came here from the Council Bluffs locality when they purchased the store five years ago.

In the April 18, 1960 Rippey Commercial Club minutes, Roy became a member and served on various committees for the ensuing year.  He continued being an active member and officer until the meeting on November 11, 1974 he informed the club that he would close the grocery store in April of 1975 if he didn’t get it sold before that date.

At the March 3, 1975 meeting, the members of the Rippey Commercial Club met with store prospect Karl Reinholtz.  Roy Rains reported that he was not going to advertise his business anymore and that he would shortly turn his store equipment and inventory over to an auction company for sale. The club unanimously agreed that the commercial club would buy the grocery equipment listed if and when it is auctioned and to raise the necessary funds by solicitation within the community. Walt Anderson, Secretary. Marlene Radebaugh, President

Karl and Barb Reinholtz managed the store for a couple years, under the name K & B Grocery.  

From the Jefferson Herald, December 14, 1978:

AUCTION-Going out of Business Grocery and Meat Market Store, Mon., Dec. 16, 1 p. m. Rippey, Iowa

Elmo Lodge #465 and Rippey Star Chapter #527 continued to use the building until 1992 when the new building was finished.  Rippey Star Chapter officially consolidated with Perry Chapter on June 11, 1993. Verla Ridnour was Worthy Matron and Jean Borgeson was secretary when the final papers were signed.

 Elmo Lodge #465 consolidated with Otley Lodge #299 at Perry in 2009.  Marlene Radebaugh wrote the article about Elmo Lodge for the Greene County History Book in 2011.  His closing words says it all.  “I feel personally heart-broken about the closing of Elmo Lodge.  You see, my grandfather, William Radebaugh was instrumental in the Angus Lodge and bringing it to Rippey.  My father, Harold Radebaugh was very active during one middle years and now I am so sorry to be a part of turning out the lights and closing the doors.”

LeRoy “Shorty” Overman moved his barber shop to the back of his wife, Eloise’s shop when the building was torn down in 1994.  He operated his business for 13 years until ill health forced him to retire in August of 2005, after 60 years, barbering in Rippey. After 59 years as a beautician, 53 of those years in Rippey, Eloise retired in 1999.