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Opening Rippey Consolidated School, 1921

The news article from the Rippey Booster announcing the first day of school in the new building and school district.

Rippey, Greene County, Iowa, Wednesday, August 31, 1921


 On next Monday morning the doors of the new consolidated school building will be opened for the new term.
 For several week workmen have been busy installing seats, desks, and other new equipment in the new school building.  School is expected to start next Monday with a full set of equipment and a complete corps of teachers.  The first day will be an eventful one for both teachers and pupils.  This week the bus drivers are going over their routes to be certain they know all the stops to be made, and Monday morning they will start picking up country children promptly at 7:30 o’clock.  All who wish to ride should keep a watch as the bus drivers wish to make a good record and ascertain the length of time required to cover their routes.

 No one need bring lunch the first day, as the children will be sent home about eleven o’clock on that day.  The regular dismissal will be 3:10 p. m. 

 Monday will be spent in classification and organization of the various grades and classes.  The children will also be told what books and supplies to buy.  A complete stock of text books, tablets, pencils, etc., will be on sale in the building so the boys and girls come prepared to buy what books and supplies they need Tuesday morning.  The business will be on a strictly cash basis, and the children will be instructed on Monday about the price of the books they may be expected to purchase.

 The doors will not be open until 8:50 each day.  The first five grades are located on the first floor.  The sixth grade will have the northeast room of the second floor, and the seventh and eight grades will be seated in the main assembly room.  All grade pupils are asked to report to the teacher of their particular grade the first morning, who will assign a seat to each.  High school pupils will report to the high school principal.
 The list of grade teachers is as follows:
 First grade, Miss Hierring
 Second grade, Miss Perrine
 Third grade, Miss Grow
 Fourth grade, Miss Johnson
 Fifth grade, Miss Drake
 Sixth grade, Miss Alden
 Seventh grade, Miss Donly
 Eighth grade, Miss Cross

 Miss Mary Donly is the special music teacher. 

 The high school teachers are:
 Mr. Immerzeel, superintendent
 Mrs. Havill, principal 
 Miss Albert, domestic science
 Mr. Butler, manual training
 Mr. Riley will sell the books and supplies.

 The bus drivers as follows:

 Route one, Ben Ford:  northwest part of district
 Route two, Harry Ellis, southwest
 Route three, John Shaw, south central
 Route four, Merval Morain, northeast
 Route five, A. E. Frizelle, west central
 Route six, Claude Riley, southeast.

A Few Rules and Suggestions

 Prof. Immerzeel has requested that we print the following, for the benefit of the patrons of the school:

 No pupil will be allowed to leave the school grounds without written permission from the parent or guardian, and then only at the discretion of the superintendent.
 Each bus driver is instructed to stop his bus and see that it is properly flagged across all railroad tracks.  He is also ordered to drive at a safe speed and at no time to exceed twenty miles per hour.  Every precaution will be taken to guard the welfare of the children, both physically and morally.
 In case the bus does not stop at any of the farm homes or if any misunderstanding comes up, the patrons are asked either to come to the schoolhouse or telephone the superintendent.
 In an undertaking of this kind, some mistakes and inconveinces are very likely to occur, but the teachers will be found ready and willing to make such readjustments as are possible, and we are also depending upon the hearty cooperation of all the people in Washington Township in making the first year of the Rippey Consolidated School a success.