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Rippey Celebrates Iowa Centennial August, 1946

The Rippey Lions Club sponsored the centennial celebration in August, 1946.
The Jefferson Bee  August 6, 1946
Rippey Centennial Celebration Rippey  (Iowa Centennial)
The centennial celebration, sponsored by the Rippey Lions club, was held Monday and Tuesday  of last week with a large crowd present both days.
A parade opened the program at 11 am Monday headed by the Paton band with the Boy Scouts marching behind, and the remainder of the parade consisted  of business floats organization floats original floats, decorated bicycles, tricycles, doll buggies and ponies. Judges were Superintendent Morris, Mrs. Edward T King and Jas Wood of Jefferson. Prizes were awarded as follows:

To organization floats—1st. Service Star. 2nd. Farm Union, 3rd. Methodist church school

Business floats—1st. Thornburgh grocery, 2nd Overman's barber shop. 3rd First National bank

Bicycles--Delores Chase; 2nd. Nancy Gustfson, 3rd, Keith Riley

Best original—1st, Lions, 2nd, "Rippey or Bust "

There were free acts and concerts each afternoon and evening, also a ball game each afternoon.

 A large crowd was present Tuesday evening for the final contests and drawing. The Merriam rides and concessions provided entertainment.

 The window displays of antiques were interesting It is hard to imagine the number of relics and antiques which arc in possession of many ot the Rippey people and a great many more were not displayed.

 A number of old records and maps were interesting and an original flag of the thirteen colonies, property of Mrs. Mary Rice, was also in the display, as well as a "new" map of Iowa dated 1845.

Proceedings of the first independent school board in Rippey, justice of the peace proceedings and many other old records, such as early newspapers, added much to the interesting, exhibit.