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How is the Rippey Library Funded?

The Greene County Supervisors and the City of Rippey fund the Rippey Library.

Every January, February, and March, during  budget proceedings,  the Greene County Board of Supervisors allocate money to each of the six libraries in the county for the next fiscal year.  Each town funds their library in their own way.  Rippey matches the supervisors allocation to Rippey, plus one dollar.  This, hopefully, covers heat, lights, phone, Internet, maintenance, repairs,and salaries for the year. 

Books, special programs, Summer Reading, computers, or anything else the library may want or need, are dependent on volunteers, memorials, donations, and grants.  The Rippey Library has been fortunate, since the beginning, as the community and former residents are very supportive on projects the budget can’t cover. 

Many board members have worked hard over the years to keep this library a viable asset for the community.  The current board members are just as dedicated. 

 As of April 2018 the budget from the county formula is as follows:

 The county has been giving each library a set amount of $3,500.  Then the rural circulation figures are used to determine the additional amount to be received.  Each library gets no more than 28% of the total monies (28% of 70,000 = 19,600).