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Rippey Public Library Duties of the Librarian Policy Approved March 25, 2019

A general nature of the duties of the librarian reviewed and approved March 25, 2019

Duties of the Rippey Public Librarian


These duties shall include:

            Overall operation, organization, display of the library

                        Maintain scheduled hours

                        Open and close library and building

                        Maintain collection information for reporting

                        Daily check mail, drop-box, shelf reading

                        Deposit money received by mail

                        Be familiar with and maintain official written library policies

                        Order supplies as needed

                        Maintain keys for library   

            Assist patrons in locating information

                        Use of computers

                        Checking in/out of library materials

                        Phone contacts

                        Copy patron documents

              Monthly prepare for Board meetings

                        Provide agenda, necessary information

                        Provide bills

                        Post monthly Board agenda

             Participate in Greene County Librarian Association

                        Attend monthly meetings

                        Report back to Board appropriate information

             Prepare annual reports

                        Greene County, State of Iowa

             Prepare Summer Reading Program and other programs

                        Seek Board assistance & community volunteers

             New materials

                        Order books, magazines, DVDs, CDs

                        Receive donated library additions

                        Process all new materials 

            Weed books regularly

                        Arrange for disposal of unused materials

             Arrange for Library displays       

            Arrange for library cleaning

                        Dusting and vacuuming completed weekly

                        Clean community room tables as used

                        Check bathrooms regularly

                        Recycling and trash disposal 

            At each days end, check bathrooms

                        Paper products, trash, flush

                        Check no one in bathrooms when doors locked

The above declarations are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of duties and responsibilities, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the work of the Library Director.  Rather, they are intended to describe the general nature of the job.

Approved by the Library Board: May 26, 2015

Reviewed and approved, March 25, 2019