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Rippey Library Public Internet Access Policy, Approved March 31, 2014

The Public Internet Policy for the Rippey Public Library was revised and approved at the regular meeting of the board of trustees on March 31, 2014

Public Internet Access Policy Approved March 31, 2014

The Rippey Public Library provides free internet access. Our library has no control of the information accessible through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. As with other library material, our library affirms the right and responsibility of parent/guardian to guide, determine and monitor their children as they use the internet. Any restriction of a child's access to the internet IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT/GUARDIAN. THE RIPPEY PUBLIC LIBRARY CANNOT ACT AS A CENSOR OR SUBSTITUTE PARENT.

Conditions and terms of use of the Internet Workstation:
– Internet users must sign in with library staff, and have a current Rippey Public Library card or a current cared issued by another neighboring library.
– Minimum age requirement of 10 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent and/or guardian
– Reservations will be accepted no more than one day in advance
– Patrons who have reserved time and are late may lose their reserved time and may have to reschedule another time.
– The Rippey Public Library internet access is available for educational purposes only.
– Usage is for 30 minute intervals, though more time may be allowed if no other patron is requesting use of a computer.
– Only one user per workstation at a time. Exceptions include a parent/guardian working with a child or students working on a school project together.
– All internet users will be responsible for printing of pages. Each black & white or color photo copy will cost $1.00 per side of page, while black text copies will cost 10 cents per side of page. Picture scanning onto special paper will be charged according to the cost of the paper. Exceptions may be made for school projects.
– Printing must be completed during allotted time. Patrons not familiar with printing from the internet are encouraged to seek staff assistance when attempting to print for the first time.
– Users will be asked to discontinue use of the internet 15 minutes prior to closing time that day.
– Patrons are not allowed to install, delete, copy, modify or remove hardware or software from the Rippey Public Library patron computers. Patrons are not allowed to bring their own games to play on the patron computers.
– Our library will not provide the following: e-mail accounts, access to chat rooms, download sites, or actual auction bidding or gambling/betting sites.
– Any behaviors deemed inappropriate by the Rippey Public Library staff may result in loss of computer use.
– It is against the law (IOWA CODE, CHAPTER 728.2) to download, provide or display child pornography on any library computer and/or private computer brought into the library where it may be seen by anyone, especially children.– You must use headphones if you wish to have sound. Headphones must be turned down low so only you can hear.
– Destruction of or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to the Rippey Public Library will result in the patron being responsible for the cost of the replacement of the damaged property. The patron may forfeit his/her library card or library use for up to one month for the first offense, two months for each succeeding offenses.



Approved  3/31/14