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Rippey Public Library Policy of Collection Development Approved March 25, 2019

The Rippey Public Library Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the Policy of Collection Development at their regular meeting on March 25, 2019. The goals and objectives provide a direction for public library service in Rippey and Greene County. From these goals, this policy was created.

Rippey Public Library

Policy of Collection Development 

The Rippey Public Library supports the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement, both of which are included and intended to be part of this policy statement.

The following goals and objectives provide a direction for public library service in Rippey and Greene County.  From these goals, this policy was created.

1.         To meet the informational needs of all.

2.         To facilitate informal self-education of all ages.

3.         To enrich and further develop the library as an educational resources for the community.

4.         To encourage wholesome recreation and the constructive use of leisure time.

5.         To provide a library director who is knowledgeable, helpful and responsive to the needs of all library users.

Our library will provide internet access and biographies of persons of interest and importance.

The selection of youth and adult fiction shall include best sellers, mysteries, westerns, science fiction, and romance determined by request and circulation statistics.  Not all works of any author will necessarily be available.  Inter-library loan books can always be requested if the desired book is not available.

The library shall maintain books for children, youth and adults. 

The library provides service to all within the framework of its rules and regulations and does not knowingly discriminate in its material selection regarding race, creed, sex, occupation or financial position.

The library shall accept gifts of books, DVDs, CDs, and other non-print materials, as well as money to make purchases toward the development of the library collection.  All gifted items shall become the property of the library.  The same guidelines will be used in deciding whether the materials donated will be added to the collection or disposed of as deemed by the Library Director.  The responsibility for material selection and the development of the library collection rests solely with the Director.  This is done under the authority and policies determined by the Library Board.

A list of Memorial Gifts shall be kept by the Librarian.  If the memorial item is to be later weeded, a member of the family will be contacted, if possible, and given an opportunity to claim the memorial.

Movies in DVD format are added to the Library collection in a manner consistent with patron demand and budget restraints.  Selection of movies for our collection is made by the Director with input from the public.  Donated or newly purchased DVD movies rated G, PG, or PG-13 will be added to our collection.

Audio resources are important as part of our collection.  Donated items and new items will be added as the budget allows.

Children’s books and other material expressly purchased for children are selected to provide reading for reading’s sake and to provide information of interest to children in varied fields of knowledge.  Responsibility for the reading of minors rests with their parents and legal guardians.

The Library Board and Director believe that no citizen in our democracy has a right to prevent another person from reading a specific book by demanding its removal from the library collection or to exercise censorship.  In our democracy there is no book or non-print material that is absolutely inappropriate to a public library.

If a Library patron has an objection to an item in our collection, he/she may lodge a complaint concerning material held in the Library collection.  The individual or group wishing to protest the presence of an item will contact the Director.  If they wish to carry their objections further a Request for Reconsideration form will be filled out and signed.  The party making the complaint must be eligible to receive a free Rippey Library card.  The written complaint will be taken to the Library Board at its next regular scheduled meeting.  The complainant may appear before the Board if desired.  No items shall be removed from the Library collection without a court order if the Director and Library Board deem it appropriate to the collection.

The Library maintains an active program of “WEEDING” the Library collection.  Material that is no longer used, worn, damaged, outdated or duplicated may be removed from our collection.  Other factors taken into consideration are frequency of circulation, community interest and availability of other material on the subject.  Even if a book meets all the criteria for weeding, if it has local appeal, it will be kept.

Iowa history, Greene County and Rippey or local town or school materials will be retained if deemed appropriate.

Borrowers are responsible for any item checked out on their card.  If an item is not returned or replacement cost is not made in the occurrence of loss or damage, the patron’s borrowing privileges may be revoked.  The Director may contact the Greene County Sheriff Department for assistance in reclaiming damaged or lost Library items if phone calls and mailed notices are ignored by a patron.

 Policy reviewed and approved June 29, 2015

Policy reviewed and approved as amended March 25, 2019