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Rippey Public Library Policy of Grievance Procedure, Approved March 25, 2019

The Rippey Public Library Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the Grievance Procedures for the library at their regular meeting, Monday, March 25, 2019.

Rippey Public Library

Policy of Grievance Procedure

It is the intent of the Rippey Public Library that every employee shall have the opportunity to express concerns relating to the physical surroundings in which the employee works procedures and conditions of the specific position, relationship with fellow workers or supervisors, and library rules as they apply to staff.  A concern or grievance shall follow the procedures below:

1.        If possible, the employee shall discuss the problem with the Library Director.  In the case of the Director having a concern, the issue shall be discussed with the Board Chair.

2.        If the Director is part of the problem, or if the Board Chair is part of the Director’s problem, the concern/grievance shall be submitted in writing for the Library Board and be delivered to the Board Chair.  The Board Chair shall, in turn, present the concern, during closed session, to the Library Board at the next or a special Board meeting.

3.        The Library Board through its representative shall respond to the employee within five (5) days following the Board meeting at which the issue was discussed, providing a determination, solution or a strategy how the Board shall address the issue over time.

Policy approved by the Rippey Library Board on 06/05/04

Policy reviewed, revised and approved June 29, 2015 

Policy reviewed and approved March 25, 2019