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Rippey Public Library Volunteer Policy Revised November 19, 2018

The volunteer policy was revised and adopted at the regular meeting on November 19, 2018.

Rippey Public Library

Volunteer Policy

Purpose and Intent 

All Volunteers are under the direct supervision of the Librarian. 

Volunteers bring to the library enthusiasm, energy, added talents, and fresh perspective. Each enhances the current staff.  Each one enriches the library’s offerings.   Volunteers enable our Library in making the best use of its fiscal resource, and contribute to sound working relationships with other city departments and recognized agencies, as well as with community groups and organizations. Volunteers provide enhanced liaisons to the community as well as are advocates for quality library services. 

Program Guidelines 

1. the Librarian will guide our  volunteers in achieving the library’s goals and objectives.   The Librarian will schedule volunteer activities. 

2. Volunteers will be informed that the Library:

                a. does not compensate volunteers for time spent or  expense incurred, except by prior special arrangement with the Library Board.

                b. Volunteers working in the library have liability coverage for  property damage and/or bodily injury to others which results  from the performance of their volunteer duties, and to  themselves, if the city is negligent.

                c. Volunteers are bound by the rules contained in the Circulation Policy, especially as it relates to privacy and confidentiality.

                d. Individuals donating time to the library under the auspices of any other unit (e.g., scouts, churches, community organizations, etc.) may identify themselves with the unit, but may not promote it as they volunteer in the library. 


Librarian Suggested Volunteer Activities include: 

                Shelving books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and other material

                Reading shelves (checking to be sure books are in order)

                Assisting patrons using computers

                Reading with a child

                Studying with a student

                Check the book drop

                Check out and Check in books

                Keep track of door count

                Keep track of computer use 

Approved: August 25, 2014

Revised: November 19, 2018