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Rippey Library Board Minutes December 17, 2018

The regular meeting of the Rippey Library Board of Trustees met on Dec. 17, 2018 due to the regular meeting date falling on Christmas Eve.

Rippey Library Board Minutes  December 17, 2018   5:30pm

(To be approved at the next meeting)

Attendance Rick Liebick, Connie Neese, Dale Hanaman, Phyllis Bardole, Brenda Roberts, Nancy Burrow

Agenda was approved by consensus

There was no public comment

Minutes were read and approved with previous corrections (moved by Roberts, scan easily seconded by Neese)

Finances  Hanaman explained a new format so the board how to follow how our funds are being spent

Bills for December were reviewed and accepted to be paid. (moved by Neese, seconded by Roberts)

Proposed budget was reviewed and it was decided that we may need to make some changes, and will be voted on at a later date.

Librarian    Bardole reported that the printer is inconsistent in its operation. This will be included in grant that is in progress in being written.

Katrina Buttler (former librarian) asked if we would be interested in having another Car Show in October (as we had in the past.) With money from the show, benefitting the library, the board decided to have Buttler go ahead with plans. Motion  Roberts, second  Neese)

Bardole asked if the library board was interested in another Art on the Fly event. During our discussion, we told Bardole to go ahead and get information, dates, etc.

Grant writing

Mary Weaver in working on writing a grant for the library to get a Large Screen computer, 2 Laptop computer to replace ones that are not working                                      And a printer.   We will need to come up with matching funds in order to get the grant.

The board discussed the Christmas party for the children and adults Wednesday December 19 from 2:30 to 4:30.

Adjournment  motion by Burrow, seconded by Roberts.

Next board meeting will be January 28 at 5:30

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Burrow

Substitute Secretary