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Rippey Public Library Minutes, May 26, 2015

The regular meeting of the Rippey Public Library met on May 26, 2015. Routine business. Summer Reading events, including Blank Park Zoo and a juggler. Policy revision adopted.

Rippey Public Library Minutes Tuesday, May 26, 5:30 (changed because of Memorial Day)

Attending:  Dale Hanaman, Jo Bardole, Nancy Burrow, Jean Borgeson and Andrea Williams.  Absent, Carmen McColley.

Nancy moved and Jo seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed.  Jo moved and Nancy seconded to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.

The treasurer’s report and bills presented were reviewed.  There was a 40.65 bill for ink cartridges to Dale added to the bills, bringing the total to $1,614.42.   Jo moved and Nancy seconded the motion to approve both the treasurer’s report and the bills presented.  Motion carried.

Balances for May
General fund:  $2,852.30 (minus $40.65) = $2,811.65
Memorial:        $2,570.61
Petty Cash:  $41.11

No one from the public attended the meeting.

Old business included reviewing the circulation and program reports from May. 

New business:  Programs for June:  The Blank Park Zoo visit, sponsored by the Greene County Library Association will be in Rippey, June 12, 2015 at 1:00.  We will need a volunteer that day, as we are not open on Friday, and Andrea would have to take the whole day off from her other job.  Names were suggested and Dale will look into this.  The library proper doesn’t need to be open during this program.  June 17th will be a “come and go” crafting for celebrating Father’s Day.  This will be held during regular hours.

The board reviewed the Duties of the Librarian Policy. After a couple revisions, Nancy moved and Jo seconded to approve the revisions to the policy.  Motion carried.

Andrea will be in Michigan for a family reunion that will extend into Monday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 2.  Dale and Nancy will take these days.

Looking ahead:  The Greene County Library Association will sponsor a Juggler on July 13.  The details of when he will be in Rippey, are yet to be decided.

Andrea is planning the summer reading, two times a week for the month of July.  More details later.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be Monday, June 29, at 6:00.

Jean Borgeson, Secretary