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Rippey Library Board Minutes September 26, 2016

The Rippey Library Board met September 26, 2016 for their regular meeting. Routine business was taken care of as well as formally adopting the Children's Internet Policy Act that was discussed and formulated at the August 29, 2016 meeting. Change of October meeting date to the 24th due to the Halloween activities on the 31st.

Rippey Library Board Minutes September 26, 2016 

To be approved at the October 24th meeting.

Rippey Library Board met on September 26, 2016 at 6:00 in the library..  Those present were Dale Hanaman, Carmen McColley, Joe Bardole,and Jean Borgeson, trustees.  Absent was Nancy Burrow.  Librarian, Katrina Buttler was also in attendance. 

President, Dale Hanaman , opened the meeting and the agenda was unanimously approved by the members. 

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed, with the spelling correction of Carmen’s name.  A motion by Carmen and second by Jo, the minutes were approved. 

There was no report from the city clerk, so Katrina will print off hers and send it to Jean for the minutes.  With a little discussion,  the secretary will also keep track of the finances until the board elects a treasurer.   

Katrina sent the report for the minutes:


General Fund:  5, 657.67

Memorial:           1,644.87

Petty Cash:              34.79

Gillette CD:        23,981.00 October 

The bills were submitted for approval and Jo made and Carmen seconded the motion to accept the bills to be submitted to the city clerk for payment at their city council meeting, October 7, 2016. 

Katrina presented a communication and a 1943-44 pencil depicting that year’s  schedule of the basketball teams,  to the library.   She will figure a way to display it. 

She reported about the Fall Festival that is scheduled for Saturday, October 29, from 2 – 5.  There is much going on that afternoon, and she is excited about the volunteers that want to help.

 Katrina shared that several movies have been missing in their cases.  She purchased a DVD/CD organizer and is in the process of taking the DVD and CD discs out of their cases, to store them separately, so the temptation to take them is reduced.  A discussion was held on how to keep them under lock and key, as well as replacing the file by the desk, as the key just doesn’t work. There is a need to secure confidential information, such as library applications, passwords, etc.

 At the August 29, 2016 meeting The Internet CIPA policy was discussed.  Katrina explained the options and costs.  Jean made a motion and Nancy seconded that the board direct Katrina to write the policy as explained, then with the board’s approval, send a copy to Mary Millard so she can continue the e-rate application.  The motion carried.  Mary indicated that it was ok, and continued her application.  With a motion from Jo and second from Carmen, this policy was formally adopted tonight, September 26, 2016. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed. 

The group was reminded that the next meeting will be on Monday, October 24, at 6:00, as not to interfere with the Halloween activities on Monday, October 31.

Jean Borgeson, Secretary