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Rippey Library Board Minutes, March 26, 2018

The Rippey Library Board met on March 26, 2018 for their regular meeting. Some policies were updated and the finances to June 30 were discussed.

Rippey Library Board Meeting on March 26, 2018

Connie Neese, Dale Hanaman, Shawneene Kenan, Nancy Burrow

Agenda was approved.

Minutes were reviewed.  Connie made a motion to approve minutes, Nancy seconded, approved.

Report from Treasurer- City states we have $926.  There should be a new check April 14. Discussion about paying for books from Memorial money.  Shaneene will check about this.

Bills from Shawneene . Nancy moved and Connie seconded to accept Report and pay bills as presented.

Program Report There were 8 children for the St.Patrick’s Day. Children reported they like painting projects. One will be scheduled, perhaps in April.

The board reviewed

Policy Statement. A few changes were made to add technology, and non-discrimination statements.  Approved.

The board reviewed the Severe Weather Policy. One addition was made. Approved.

The board reviewed the Policy concerning Unattended Children as reviewed and approved.


Easter Egg Hunt and decorating March 28.

Greene County reads April 20

Toddler Fest April 7


Respectfully submitted

                Nancy Burrow