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Rippey Library Board Minutes July 30, 2018

The regular meeting of the Rippey Library Board of Trustees met on July 30, 2018. Programs were reported on and tentative plans for fundraiser and programs for fall were discussed.

Rippey Public Library Board Minutes July 25, 2019 

Connie Neese, Nancy Burrow, Shawneene Keenan, Dale Hanaman

Agenda approved Motion Nancy, seconded by Connie. Motion carried.

Minutes from June 25 meeting approved by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report Approved  Motion by Connie, seconded by Nancy, motion carried. Bills acceptance adopted

 Correspondence: Shawneene has received information from the Iowa Library Association concern the Edge program. See below.

Report on Programs

Will Struck Children’s Program – a fun program for children.                                                        

Summer Reading Program 6-8 children  participated.

 Old Business    No old business

 New Business

             Edge Program is a program from the State Library Edge is an on-line resource program to help evaluate and advance public technology.

            Gale is a program (to replace Ebsco) to help customers find information and resources for any research people would want to do.

            Mini Com Con to be held held August 4. A mini comic convention for children

 Board and Librarian Comments

We need to look at amounts and policies for Vacation Pay.

Do we want to hold a fund raiser for the library.  A spaghetti dinner perhaps with a silent auction?

We started looking at Tiny Cat.  This would be a replacement for the Concourse program.  This is the present computer library management program. It keeps track of books, books checked out, and so on. It was decided to wait until it is time to renew our subscription before we make a decision.

We talked about the possibility of having another Art on the Fly program.

 The library board also started to look at the Library Standards from the State Law Library.  These help allow the library to evaluate our present library, and look for ways to improve.

 Adjournment  Nancy moved, and Connie seconded we adjourn. Motion carried.

 Respectfully submitted

 Nancy Burrow, substitute secretary