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Rippey Library Board Minutes, January 30, 2017

The Rippey Library Board met January 30, 2017 for their regular meeting. The Greene County Librarian's budget request to the supervisors was shared by Shawneene. Bills were approved for payment by the city clerk.

Rippey Library  Board Minutes, January 30, 2017

In attendance: Dale Hanaman, Carmen McColly, Shawneene Kenan, Nancy Burrow
Agenda was approved.                                                                                                            

Minutes for December were reviewed and approved.

No public comment was received.
Treasurer’s Report was accepted

161.48 was spent for books
227.72 spent on DVDs
Windstream bill was 98.62.

Shawneene was concerned that there was a lot of money was spent on new books, and they have not been checked out, even though they were placed in the new releases shelf.  Movies have been circulated well.
 Carmen moved and Nancy seconded that bills be paid. Motion passed

Correspondence:   Susan Davis sent in a copy of Love Birds for Life it is at the Librarian’s desk.
Librarian’s comments
Shawneene reported on the librarians meeting with Board of Supervisors. A budget was discussed.
 $1000 per library
Movie License $400 ($125 increase)
Greene County Reads $500 ($100 increase)
Toddler Fest   $650
Summer reading (100 increase )
Teen Program 1800 + 100/ library for books
Technology 900  $150/LIBRARY
Total   7,300 ($325 increase)

Shawneene stated her plans to take her vacation July 5-12. We discussed some ideas to cover the library.

A disc cleaner will be available in the Library for Public Use in February and August.

Shawneene wants to apply for a Rotary  grant for $1300 to buy a new lighter table, stackable chairs, two comfy chairs, and a reading mat for children.  We gave her the ok to proceed.

There are plans for Science projects coming up in February. Shawneene has a system to encourage reading. After students have spent 1 hour on the computers, they need to read a chapter in a chapter book in order to get more time on the computer.

Adjournment.  The next meeting is February 27 at 6:00 in the library

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Burrow, Secretary pro-tem