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Rippey Library Board Minutes May 23, 2016

The regular meeting of the Rippey Library Board was held May 23, 2016 in the library. The date was a week earlier because of Memorial Day.

Rippey Library Board Minutes May 23, 2016 (a week earlier due to Memorial Day)

The meeting was called to order by Dale Hanaman . Others present were Jo Bardole, Nancy Burrow, and Jean Borgeson, Absent, Carmen McColley and Katrina Buttler, librarian.

Due to the confusion of the early date because of Memorial Day and Katrina being gone, due to a family emergency, the meeting didn’t get posted. A motion was made by Jo and seconded by Nancy to go ahead with the meeting, so the bills could be submitted on time. Considering the difficulty of getting people together before or after Memorial Day and having a quorum, it would be impossible to call a special meeting. The motion carried.

The minutes of the April 25, 2016 were approved as read.

The bills were reviewed and Nancy moved and Jo seconded to approve the bills to be submitted to the city clerk for payment. Motion carried.

It was noted that there would be a balance left for this fiscal year. This is due to the many days the library was opened by volunteers while searching and hiring a librarian, as well as when the librarian has other meetings to attend on behalf of the library or family emergency. This has happened several times in the last few years, mainly because there is no assistant. So, as in other years, this is the month to submit a request to the city that the funds are rolled over into the next fiscal year. Jo moved and Nancy seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The city clerk’s report was shared, as well.

May balances:

General Fund: $2,981.97

Memorial Fund: 1,599.87

Petty Cash: 69.20

Gillette CD: 23.981. ??

The Library Usage and Circulation Reports were handed out.

Summer Reading Program On Your Mark, Get Set, Read starts June 6th - all ages invited to participate. Every Tuesday in June and July, there is an activity at the library from 2:30-4:00 Every Thursday in June and July is movie day @ 2:30 Lots of prizes and giveaways for participating in the Summer Reading Program. Father's Day Card Crafts - Week of June 13th (Mon, Wed & Fri) T

he Hanson Family will perform Monday, June 20, at 4:00 p. m. This is a family of jugglers and unicycle performers who share the importance of reading and recycling. This is the collaborative activity of the Greene County Library Association and is funded by the Greene County Board of Supervisors. They will be performing at all six libraries in the county. T

he board reviewed the 2012 By-Laws for the Library Board. Nancy moved and Jo seconded to approve the updated version. The motion carried.

Also, a reminder that June is election of officers.

The board reflected on the fact that it is a definite upheaval when the board and other volunteers are asked to be in charge of the library during a long stretch. It has been very tiring and stressful for the board, as all are involved with other community and family commitments of their own. Thanks to Mary Weaver and Nancy Hanaman who helped out during this time. This will be discussed at a later time.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned. The next board meeting will be Monday, June 27, 2016 at 6:00

Jean Borgeson, Secretary