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Rippey Library Board Minutes July 29, 2019

The regular meeting of the Rippey Library Board met July 29, 2019 in the library. The board welcomed new board members Cindy Devilbiss and Rychonovsky.

Rippey Library Board Minutes July 29, 2019   

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Burrow as President, Jean Borgeson was unable  to attend.   

 Present: Brenda Roberts, Secretary, Nancy Burrow, Cindy Devilbiss, Lyle Rychonovsky,  Rick Liebich (City Council liaison), Phyllis Bardole (librarian)   

Agenda was approved by acclamation.   

Lyle moved to approve the June 2019 Board Minutes as presented and Cindy seconded  the motion. The motion carried.   

The July 2019 bills were reviewed. Lyle moved and Cindy seconded the motion to  approve the bills to be paid by the City Clerk. The motion carried.   

Review financial report 

 Balances July 29, 2013   

General Fund: $8,872.83 

Memorial: $3,535.66   

A formal ‘Welcome’ as newly appointed Library Board Trustees was extended to Cindy  and Lyle.   

 Phyllis reported on the progress of computer upgrades happening at the library through  Bits of Technology.   

 Brenda gave an overview of library reports at the July City Council meeting and a  reflection of the Summer Reading Program. The summer program theme was’ A  Universe of Stories’. Attendees ranged from age 5 to age 12. Eight children were in attendance with assistance from 3 middle school students.   

 Phyllis reported on library certification dates beginning in September.   

 Lyle moved and Cindy seconded to adjourn. Motion carried   

Next meeting: August 26, 2019 @ 5:30 p.m. in the library. 

Brenda Roberts, Secretary