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Fund-raising begins for Rippey Library Renovation, Dec. 4, 2010

Friends of Rippey hosts breakfast and tour of former Masonic building that is to be renovated to accomodate the Rippey Public Library.
Fund-raising begins for Rippey Library Renovation, Dec. 4, 2010

Kevin Hick, Friends of Rippey, and Dale Hanaman, library trustee and all around good cooks!

The Friends of Rippey organization and the Rippey Library Board of Trustees hosted the first fundraising event for the remodeling of the former Masonic building on December 4, 2010.

From the Rippey History, page 107: "....On June 4, 1885, a charter was issued and granted as Elmo Lodge No. 465 A. F. and A. M. There were 17 members on the charter". After much discussion and deliberation, the members voted to close their lodge in the beginning of 2010. The building was deeded to the City of Rippey for the use of the library.

Just as in 1965, when Jay States deeded his store to the City of Rippey, for the use of the library, there needed to be some remodeling to accommodate the needs of a library. The community pulled together and held fund-raisers, volunteered their time and talents to complete the front of that building, so the contents of the library could be moved into this site. This was completed in April of 1965. Later improvements were made over the years, all with local volunteers, fundraising, memorials, donations and grants.

As time has passed, the Iowa Legislature has passed legislation to guide library boards and cities, concerning public libraries. After many meetings and much discussion, there is a plan to go forward to complete the remodeling of the former Masonic building into a library. Again, funding this endeavor will depend completely on donations, grants, and support from the community, just as in the past.

How is the library funded, year after year, to keep it open?

Every January, the Greene County Board of Supervisors allocate money to each of the six libraries in the county. Each town funds their library in their own way. Rippey matches the supervisors allocation to Rippey and the city matches this, plus one dollar. This, hopefully, covers heat, lights, phone, Internet, maintenance, and salaries for the year. Books, special programs, Summer Reading, computers, or anything else the library may want or need, are dependent on memorials, donations, and grants. The Rippey Library has been fortunate since the beginning, as the community and former residents are very supportive on projects the budget can’t cover.

Many board members have worked hard over the years to keep this library a viable asset for the community. The current board members are just as dedicated.