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Rippey Library Begins Relocation, July 1, 2011

Some books have already been moved to the new library site but starting at 3 pm on Friday, July 1 an effort will be made to move more books.

  Work will continue on Saturday, July 2 and throughout the week following the July 4th holiday.  It is hoped that all of the moving can be completed with another work day on Saturday, July 9.  If you wish to volunteer to help, please contact Dale Hanaman at 436-7684 or 515-210-9352.   Dale states that workers as well as cheerleaders are needed for this effort. 
Several items may be salvaged at the library building.  There are light fixtures, stove top, book racks, wooden drawers, furnace, hot water heater, etc.  For items taken, a donation to the project will be accepted.