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Rippey Business: Crumley-States Building, 1910-1926

Jefferson Bee March 30, 1910 The workmen are busy on the new brick building Crumley & States are erecting.


Jefferson Bee  March 30, 1910

The workmen are busy on the new brick building Crumley & States are erecting.

Jefferson Bee November 2, 1910

November 1:—The young folks of the town gave a Halloween party at the Crumley & States hall. It was a masquerade skating party and was a most enjoyable affair, not only to the young people, but to a large company that was admitted to witness the scene. There were many pretty and also comical costumes and truly it was a success. Supper was served by the ladies of the Aid society at the old store building during the evening.

            All Halloween was truly remembered by the boys of the town by the looks of the town next morning.

 Jefferson Bee Feb. 8, 1911

            The annual banquet of the Commercial Club was held Friday evening in the Crumley and States hall. A three course dinner was served at 7:30 and afterward John Dugan, who acted as toastmaster called on B. F. Osborn for the president's report.

            Miss Grace Free then sang a solo accompanied on the organ by Mrs. VanScoy and on the violin by Miss Jones. The speaker of the evening, H. I. Boreman, of Des Moines, was introduced and gave a clear, straight talk on "Advertising, what it is and how to do it.” Rev Carter of the Methodist church followed in a brief speech and the program was brought to a close with a solo by Mrs. Critchett.  It was a largely attended enthusiastic gathering and must bear fruit in large plans for the betterment in all directions of the town and surrounding country.

Jefferson Bee, January 18, 1911

Crumley & States have been filling their ice house.

Crumley & States' store was entered through a rear window Monday night and about $20 worth of articles taken. There is no clue to the robbers. Two blood hounds with a keeper came from Atlantic on the 2:27 train Tuesday to assist in the capture, but they could not follow the scent, owing to the many people who had been at the scene of the robbery and on the streets. A great crowd watched the dogs and it is a long time since Rippey has seen so much excitement. 

From the Globe Free Press, Rippey News, September 30, 1926

Crumley & States Sell

            A deal was closed last week when the Crumley & States Store was sold to Beckman Bros. of Sioux City.  Possession will be given Jan. 1st.  We have not learned what either Mr. States or Crumley plan to do, but hope they decide to remain in Rippey as before.