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Rippey Holds Farm Festival, October 1908

Crowds Were Large and Entertainment as Good as Ever Offered In Central Iowa, as the two days "Farm Festival" for which the city of Rippey has long been planning, occurred last Wednesday and Thursday. The weather was fine and everything was beyond expectations.
Rippey Holds Farm Festival, October 1908

The balloon ascension was a great attraction at the October 1908 Rippey Farm Festival

Jefferson Bee Oct 14, 1908


Crowds Were Large and Entertainment as Good as Ever Offered In Central Iowa.

Rippey, October I8:—-The two days "Farm Festival" for which the city of Rippey has long been planning, occurred last Wednesday and Thursday. The weather was fine and everything was beyond expectations.

The Festival opened Wednesday at 1:00 p. m. by a selection from the Grand Junction band; next the Rippey Glee Club sang "Autumn," much to the delight of all who were present.

The invocation was given by Rev. Koser. Hon. B. F. Osborn gave the address of welcome in his usual pleasing manner, and it was very much enjoyed by an appreciative audience.

Prof. R. E. Drennan, of Ames Agricultural College, gave a plain, common sense talk how the farmer should keep his farm and not sell it by the load. Clover was recommended as one of the main crops to keep the farm good. On an ordinary farm fifty or more sheep can be kept at very little expense; also other stock that the crop may be used and not sold.

Home talent sang "Milk Maid's Song," which was very much enjoyed.

                Miss Jessica BeSack, of the Agricultural College, Ames, gave an interesting talk on home life. The largest, most airy and pleasantest rooms in the house should be the ones the family occupy, and the dining room and kitchen should be made most attractive and could be made so with little expense. Her talk was practical and fine.

Prof. W. J. Spillman, of the National Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C, who is associated with Secretary Wilson then gave an interesting account of his work. He sends men to visit farmers through the country, who have made farming a success and gains ideas and writes up their experiences and methods, and copies of the reports are kept at Washington. Any one sending their names in to Washington can get a bulletin each month which gives much valuable information.

Prof. G. R. Bliss' address on forestry and crop rotation was excellent and practical.

The grand parade, Thursday, was worth coming to see; it was a success, consisting of decorated rigs, double and single drivers, draft teams, stallions, colts of all ages, and Shetland ponies. The next great attraction was the balloon ascension each day and it was witnessed by an immense crowd that was held spell bound. 

The art hall was very attractive with a fine display of each kind as will be seen by the premium list now given. The corn and poultry exhibits were also fine. Following is the list of premiums:


Best draft team, Burton Rittgers;  second, R. Penningtcn.

Best driving team, W. G. Scott;  second, Lennard Lofstedt.

Best all-purpose team, Geo. Fouch;  second, D. C. Fessler.

Best single driver, Wm. Phillips;  second, L. Robins.

Best 2-year-old colt, Jim Blair;  second, A. L. Grow.

Best yearling colt, Chas. Davenport;  second, no entry.

Best suckling colt, R. Pennington;  second, Burton Rittgers."

Best saddle horse, Jim Woltz;  second, Earl Munson.

Best Shetland pony, Ed. Heater;  second, Jim Blair.

Best decorated rig, Earl Munson; second, F. C. Emerhiser.


 Best thoroughbred hog any age or breed, M. J. Foley.

Best male 8 months or under, Jim Walker; second Patton & Ford.

Best thoroughbred gilt,  J. Walker;  second, Orrie Stevens.


Best 10 ears yellow corn, W. Zeller;  second, John Randolph.

Best 10 ears white corn, T. Fitzsimmons;  second, Miles Morain.

Best 10 ears other corn, J. Laidley;  second, J. A. Kever.

Best ear corn, John Burk.

Tallest stock of corn, Mr. Sweeny.

(The balance of the premium Hat will be published next week.)

Jefferson Bee, October 21, 1908

The Rippey Festival. continued

 Following is the remainder of the list of awards at the Rippey Farm Festival of October 8 and 9:


 Best assortment garden vegetables raised by one person, Geo. Naylor.

Best peck potatoes. F. McDonald; second, Wm. Bardole.

Corn pumpkin, John Burk.

Pie pumpkin, Lyman Gilliland.

Sweet pumpkin, Wm. Bardole.

Head cabbage, N. P. Burk.

Watermelon, George Turpen.

Squash, Fred Lofstedt.

Gourd, Clinton Riggen.

Peck onions, Alice Naylor.

Fall apples, Grimes Golden, A. Burk.

Winter apples, Baldwin, Thomas Chambers.

Winter apples, Jonathan, J. Calahan.

Home grown pears, T. Chambers.

Home grown peaches, Art. Drakley.

Fancy Work.

Quilted quilt, Mrs. E. E. Robinson;

second, Mrs. J. E. Rohrer.

Pieced quilt, Mrs. D. Gonder;

second, Mrs. D. Gonder.

Leather sofa pillow, Mrs. Jackson. ,

Embroidered pillow, Mrs? H. Lovejoy.

Fancy pillow, Kate Porter.

Hand painting, Mrs. Jas. Walker.

Crochet article, Lizzie Wilson.

Knitted article, Mrs. Shrayer.

Darned hosiery, Mrs. J. Crumley.

Hardanger work, Mae Peak.

Shadow embroidery, Mrs. Ida Cook.

Eyelet embroidery, Anges Kupfer.

Wallachain embroidery, Mrs. H. Davis.

Drawn work, Mae Peak.

Handkercihef, Mrs. H. Davis.

Battenburg, Dorothy Meyers.

Tatting, Mrs. Sperry.

Apron, Mrs. H. Davis.

Waist, Kate Porter.

Burnt wood, Kate Porter.

Child's Department.

Dress doll, Grace States.

Handkerchief, Callis Shipley.

Needle work, Fern Johnson ; second, Ruth Emberling.

Mechanical Work.

Hammer, Claud Fleetwood.

Canned Fruits.

Pears, Mrs. B. F. Osborn.

Blackberries, Mrs. Chas. Holmes.

Apple butter, Mrs. A. S. Burk.

Peach butter, Grace Free.

Tomato preserves, Mrs. I. J. Burk.

Pear preserves, Mrs. B. F. Osborn.

Pine apple preserves, Mrs. B. F. Obsorn.

Tomatoes preserves, Mrs. A. S. Burk.

Watermelon preserves, Rena Jackson.

Apple preserves, Mrs. J. N. Gilmore.

Strawberry preserves, Mrs. J. N. Gilmore.

Peach preserves, Mrs. J. N. Gilmore.

Apple pickles, Mrs. T. E. Dugan.

Bean pickles, Mrs. J. Lysinger.

Mixed pickles, Mrs. B. F. Oabron.

Cherry pickles, Mrs. B. F. Osborn.

Beet pickles, Mrs. J. N. Gilmore.

Peach pickles, Mrs. B. F. Osborn.

Cucumber pickles, Mrs. J. L. Hoshal.

Onion pickles, Mrs. Miles Morain.

Home grown peaches. Mrs. I. Burk.

Grapes, Mrs. E. Robinson.

Cherries, Mrs. E. Robinson.

Plum preserves, Mrs. J. N. Gilmore.

Cherry preserves, Mrs. J. N. Gilmore.

Sorgbum, Mrs. C. Battles.

Apple Jelly, Mrs. Miles Morain.

Plum jelly, Rena Jackson.

Grape jelly, Mrs. T. E. Dugan.

Blackberry jelly, Mrs. I. J. Burk.