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Rippey, Iowa Mural Finished by August, 1980

Rippey, Iowa Mural 1980-2012 Article found in a bunch of “stuff” given to Jean Borgeson by Doris Brown, as she was doing some deep cleaning after her husband Gerald died November 13, 2008. Sadly, Doris died on April 1, 2018. I miss talking with her about the old days in Angus and Rippey….Jean Borgeson *The building was one of several torn down in February and March 2012 as part of the "New Rippey" project.

Rippey Residents Work to Finish Their Mural

By Barb Baugh    June ?, 1980  Perry Daily Chief

Rippey Mural Painted 1980RIPPEY---The residents of Rippey may finally see their city’s mural completed if seven diligent, paint-splotched women have their way.

                The mural, fashioned from a picture calendar distributed by First National Bank in Rippey a couple years ago and using approximately 15 gallons of outdoor latex paint, started as a project of the East Greene Junior High School art students a year ago, according to Marlene Radebaugh, cashier at the Rippey Savings Bank.

                He said the project, located on the east outer wall of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Peters’ Rippey Café, wasn’t completed.

                Mary McKercher, Radebaugh said, contacted the Rippey Lions Club and got its support to complete the mural.

                Mrs. McKercher of rural Rippey, who studied art and does some oil painting, is the “spirit behind the project,” according to Cynthia Larson of Des Moines, a free-lance artist with the Iowa Arts Council.

                She said she met Mrs. McKercher at Perry Community High School while she (Ms. Larson) was painting murals and displaying work during a community night at the school.

                Ms. Larson said she had driven through Rippey earlier and noticed the incomplete mural.  Through a conversation with Mrs. McKercher, Ms. Larson said, she offered to help the people of Rippey complete the mural if Mrs. McKercher could get some people together to help.

                Ms. Larson, who said she has worked on murals in several communities throughout the past three years, said they hope to complete the mural by Aug. 9 in time for the Rippey Fun Days.

Rippey Mural, 1980   Picture taken by Jean Borgeson, 1994Depending on the era you lived in:Harry McDowell, (bought the lot in 1916; built the building in 1917), Sold in 1933 to Mr. and Mrs. David Vance, who sold in early 1946 to C. F. Shane, who shortly thereafter sold in July 1946 to Everett “Squeak” Thornburgh,  In September 1972, Anni’s, was advertising their specials.  Stine later tried running a tavern.Most recently the building was owned by Warren Shumacher and was used for storage. The building was torn down in 2012 to make room for community room/library renovations.

Picture taken by Mary Millard, March 6, 2012. Mary must have been in the right spot at the right time to capture the light ending an era and a light shining on a new beginning.  (Observation by Jean Borgeson, 2012.)  The building was built in 1917 by Harry McDowell and his wife, Bertha and it was always used as a restaurant with living quarters upstairs, until recently.  Locals will also remember Dave and Bessie Vance and Edwin "Percy" and Gladys Thornburgh in this location.