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Rippey Skating Rink Started, September 1955

Rippey Skating Rink has been started and with all the donations and volunteers working together, should be finished by November, 1955. It will be a great addition to the Martin Park and the town.

Jefferson Herald, September 22, 1955

Back in 1939 the community of Rippey decided It wanted a nice city park and ball field. The people got together and went to work. The result is a seven acre recreational area on the edge of town which not only provides a fine ball field, one of the best in this section of the state, but also has room for other things, too. Ten years after the seven acre park was purchased the community expressed a desire for night ball. The people once more went to work and modern lighting was installed.

 This year it is a skating rink which Rippey wants—and a skating rink it will have—on the north end of the park. Pictured here are four committee members who are representative of the men and women who are at work on the project. From left are Lester High, Hugo Norgren, Kenneth Cunningham and I. J. Burk. (picture wasn’t clear) They were pictured as they stood on the recently graveled base upon which the concrete skating slab will be laid. In the background is the pile of dirt removed in grading the area. Work will begin on the concrete within the next couple of weeks. Aggregate is to be shipped in and the committee still needs some more cement.  When completed, the rink will provide for roller skating in the summer and ice skating in the winter. It will be 60 by 120 feet in size.

There will be supervised skating with music some nights during the week, but the youngsters can use it any time.  It all started with an offer of $500 by the Rippey Lions club. The Lions then met with representatives of the Legion, Legion Auxiliary, Commercial Club, Gun Club, Park board and Woman's club—and the project was well on its way.

 Each organization pledged from $50 to $100. The Legion plans a pancake supper Sept. 30 to raise its money.
 Some 97 individuals have given from $5 to $50 each so that there is now $1,310 from personal contributions—and more is coming in all the time.  It is thought some $2,500 will be needed for the whole job—but the committee is confident that the balance is in sight.

Committees include I. J Burk and Hugo Norgren, general chairman and secretary-treasurer respectively; Work—Darwin Grow, Lester High and James Morse: materials- Everett Fry, Glen Grow. Gene Hager and Jim Benshoof, outside help--Kenneth Cunningham and Paul Jacobs: finance —Walter Anderson, Clark Bardole and Laverne Drake.

Rippey Pancake Supper Sept.30

Rippey—The Rippey Legion Post is sponsoring a benefit pancake supper on Friday evening, Sept. 30, at the annex.   Serving will begin at six o'clock and continue through the evening. Total receipts will be given to the Community Roller Rink project which is underway.

Jefferson Herald, September 22, 1955
Fred E. Morain, Publisher

Small Town Life at its Best
     Small town life at its best is exemplified in the community wide cooperation at Rippey for the building of the new skating rink. Farmer and business man are cooperating both in the contribution
of money and in giving of hours of labor.  People with children and people without children are joining to do something for the youngsters of the community.  "We want them to have something to do right here at home," is the way they put it.
      How could there be juvenile delinquency problem among people like that? Juvenile delinquency is for communities where even the parents don't care.
      This is a pattern of procedure which isn’t new to Rippey. Back in 1939 it was used to finance the purchase of the town park and the installation of its fine baseball field. Ten years later it was used for the purchase of fine modern lighting of the field.
      It is not a procedure or a spirit which belongs solely to Rippey, of course, but Rippey is a good example. Other towns in Greene county have done likewise.
      Life in rural areas can be rich and full-or it can be dull and drab. In that respect it is no different from the city we suppose. It depends in all cases pretty largely on the spirit of service and concern for one's fellows is present.

Jefferson Bee, October 11, 1955

Rippey Skating Rink Completed

Rippey—The skating rink .has been completed, with the exception of the iron railing around the edge.  The upright irons are in place and it is expected that the railing fence will be completed soon. Lights will also have to be placed soon sothat the rink can be used at night.
 Labor, to a great extent, has been donated by both farm people and businessmen.

Jefferson Bee, November 8, 1955

In Appreciation

Rippey—The Rippey skating rink committee wishes to express their appreciation and thank all those who gave so generously of their funds, time and labor which made possible the construction of the outdoor skating rink in Rippey.