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Rippey Recollections

Personal memories from contributors.
Rippey Baseball Memories
When Mary Weaver organized a program about Rippey Baseball for the Greene County Historical Society, she decided to share an article for the Rippey News. This site encourages others to share their own memories of Baseball in Rippey!
Jay States Closes Store in Rippey, Iowa
Jay States wrote an article in the January 7, 1965 edition Globe Free Press reflecting on his retirement and memories of being a businessman in Rippey, as well as his family's business history.
Armistice Day Blizzard, November 11, 1940 Remembered by Charlie Fritz, Rippey, IA
Memories of Charlie Fritz: The Armistice Day Blizzard, November 11, 1940.
Doctor Walter Chase Shares Memories of Small Town Doctoring, 1980
Doc Chase wrote an article for the New-Sun Newspaper in Sun City, AZ after his retirement. He shared the article with the library, as well as the Jefferson Herald, so the local folks would be able to read it.
Rippey Memories of Gladys Van Horn, by Elaine (Van Horn Swan)
Donated by Elaine (Van Horn) Swan My mother was Gladys Van Horn born 1898 in Des Moines, Iowa. Her father was Dr. U.S.Grant Van Horn and her mother Nevada (Hardenbrook) Van Horn. When she was about ten her dad bought a hotel there with a store and she left a journal with two stories about her stay in Rippey, Iowa. You are welcome to use these stories as you want. I have attatched photos. My mom died Nov 20,1995 in Marysville,Wa. Best Wishes, Elaine Swan
Rippey Hay Baling Memories by Duane Coon
2005---When Duane and his wife were back visiting in the area last summer, I visited with him while we were attending his uncle and aunt Don and Mary Coon’s 50th wedding anniversary party. He was telling me of his memories of baling for my father-in-law, Karl and my husband, Ralph. I told him I would love to have him write something down, so I could share with my children and grandchildren. He graciously did and the bonus was, he shared the great memories of Judge Hanson. Ralph baled for Judge Hanson and the some of the Hanson boys worked, too. No doubt they, too, were getting a subtle nudge on whether the brain or the brawn would rule their life’s work!!! Duane is right--the smell of freshly cut hay does invoke some pretty special memories. Thanks Duane, for sharing your memories. Jean Borgeson
Rippey, Iowa Old-Timers Baseball Players Pose For Rippey Centennial, 1970
From article published in the Jefferson Herald, September 9, 1970 Rippey old-timers turned back the clock more than 30 years Sunday afternoon when former Rippey baseball players went a few innings for the enjoyment of Centennial participants. Among the veterans of former Rippey teams were (from left) Dwight Crumley, of Rippey, Raymond Crumley of Des Moines, Harold Radebaugh of Des Moines, Joe Fouch of Rippey, Merval Moraln of Ames, Burt Councilman of Ogden, John Rinker of Boone and Steve States of San Jose, CA.
Rippey Merchant, J. F. Thompson Sells Business to L. A. Senter and Son
The L. A. Senter and Son General Store This store, selling groceries, shoes, dry goods, etc. was in business for twelve years in what is now the Rippey Library Building. Some of the storage drawers and the front windows are the same now as when used in the store. Later, in 1940-1954, the Senter Store was located in the first building west of the present town hall. There was a Senter Store in Rippey for twenty-four years. They sold the store to George Brown of Menlo in 1954.
Memories of Rippey Iowa Fireworks by the Rittgers Sisters
Marna Rittgers Parker and Julene Rittgers Hunt share their memories of the fireworks held in Rippey, Iowa.
Derry Grocery Sold to Allen Senter, Oct. 1942
The grocery store operated by Mrs. Floyd Derry has a new owner, Mr. Allen Senter, who took possesion Oct. 1942
Myron and Maralynn Rinker 55th Anniversary Open House, June 25, 2011 Jun 25, 2011 from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM Rippey United Methodist Church,
Myron and Maralynn will be honored on Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 2:00-4:00 at the Rippey United Methodist Church. The event will be hosted by their family. They were married August 31, 1956. This is your invitation. NO gifts please!
A Tribute to Mary Weaver by her Children
The seventh annual Greene County Impact Award was awarded to Mary Weaver, of Rippey, Iowa, on May 2, 2016. Other media in the area covered the ceremony, but her children, David and Theresa, shared this tribute to their mother.
Rippey Iowa High School Boys Basketball Team, 1924-1925
The Rippey Iowa High School boys 1924-1925 basketball team finished third in the Round Robin State Tournament.