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Baseball Memories from Lloyd DeMoss, January 10, 2017

Lloyd sent some baseball memories to Jean Borgeson January 10, 2017. He remembered fondly, playing with my husband, Ralph. Ralph did enjoy baseball.

Baseball Memories from Lloyd DeMoss,  January 10, 2017 

 I have some very special memories of Ralph Borgeson, Larry Johnson and myself.  We did a lot together and were often invited for dinner. Hunting, fishing and sports were a strong part of our lives.      

 Baseball at Rippey. 

I moved to Rippey when I was 8, never exposed to sports.  I remember the evenings when we would walk to the park and Jake would hit me and my foster brother ball after ball to hone our skills.  One memory that stands out was going to Breda on the Fourth of July each year and winning the Pee Wee and midget tournaments.  I remember the times that Roger Crumley and I worked on our double plays. The time we were asked to quit playing in the outfield, so we could hit home-runs.  Our Baseball plaques speak for themselves, Rippey was always a baseball town.  I went on to play at Morningside College, where in 1960 we won the North Central Conference.  The team of 1960 is in the Morningside hall of fame.  We also played in the small college World Series tournament that year.  We played against Lou Brock and his Louisiana Southern teammates.