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Rippey, Iowa Decoration Day, 1900

The Decoration Day program was carried out to the entire satisfaction of managers and people.

of Jefferson Souvenir  June 2, 1900

The Decoration Day program was carried out to the entire satisfaction managers and people. The Rippey cornet band, resplendent in their new uniform of blue and gold, led the greatest procession that has ever marched or rode to the cemetery on a like occasion,.

            The soldiers in command of C. H. Sudyam were hailed in front of the speakers stand and soldiers monument and the crowd quickly followed. B. F. Osborn, president of the day, made anappropriate speech of welcome and introduced the speaker, Prof. L. B. Carlisle, of Jefferson. The Prof, gave a fine address, historical, patriotic, full of inspiring thoughts for young and old, and giving all honor to our nation's defenders, living or dead. The song "Sleeping Neath, the Flag" was followed by the ceremony of decoration. The flower girls in charge of Miss Edna Harmon were led by the old soldiers.

            Before taking the line of march for each flag marked grave the great white monument to the unknown dead was "tenderly decked with garlands of flowers" by four little girls. During

the entire ceremony of decoration the band softly played "We shall sleep but not forever."

            By 3 o'clock in the afternoon an expectant crowd was gathered near the Old Rippey cemetery and led by old soldiers and band marched to the accustomed spot where in the shadeof the fine old trees the exercises were carried out. The address was given by R. F. Koperlik, a rising young lawyer of Perry. Mr. Koperlik is a fine speaker and gave an address that showed

much careful thought and preparation and his sentiments of loyalty and patriotism so eloquently expressed touched a responsive chord in the hearts of the listening crowd. A finer tribute than he paid to the mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts of perilous war times and also the honor and bravery of our American soldiery we do not remember to have heard on any previous occasion.

            And what more fitting than that the young men should pay honor to the heroes and heroines of war's dark days. The address was listened to with marked attention throughout and at its close many expressions of appreciation and approval were heard. 

            The decorating was done by eight girls, little Winnie and Jennie Lovejoy leading. During the time the band played soft and low as in the morning. We are glad to note the increasing interest which each year is being taken in the in the observance of this day so dear to the hearts of American people and may the loyalty of the fathers ever be kept in the minds of the younger generations who will rise up to call them blessed.