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Rippey Family Members Found Through Genealogy, September 15, 2013

Phil Roberts, of Rippey, and Marolyn McDiemid, from Pittsboro, NC became acquainted for the first time on September 15, 2013 after discovering they share the lineage of Francis Marion and Agnes (Klepper) Carpenter.

September 20, 2013

Genealogy reached a “fever pitch” Sunday when a long lost cousin from Pittsboro, NC visited in the Philip and Toni Roberts home. Marolyn McDiermid from NC who was attending her high school class reunion in Storm Lake decided to take a side trip to Rippey to connect with any Carpenter descendants in the Rippey area. Marolyn had previously contacted Jean Borgeson, Rippey’s resident genealogist, after searching for old Rippey history on the Rippey Iowa Website (See people do read this!).

Jean's through knowledge of Rippey family lineages knew at once to connect Marolyn with two of her “long lost cousins”, Philip Roberts and Kathleen (Andrews) Linn. Philip’s great grandmother and Kathleen’s grandmother (Kate Carpenter Garvin) was a sister to Minnie (Carpenter) Claussen, grandmother of Marolyn (Claussen) McDiermid. Email addresses were exchanged and plans were made to meet and share information while Marolyn was in Iowa for her class reunion.

Sunday afternoon the cousins met for the first time in the Roberts home. The meeting was somewhat dampened as Kathleen was unable to attend due to prior commitments. Jean Borgeson was also invited and came prepared with a handful of printouts from her Family Tree Program! The afternoon passed all too quickly while previously unknown cousins conversed and grew to be firm friends.

The next morning Phil and Toni hosted a brunch for Marolyn and Jean where before, during and after the meal the group continue to share more Carpenter family history as well as their own current history. It was a real “feeding frenzy” of information and food! Jean’s records, Phil’s memories and excerpts from his scrapbook plus Marolyn’s previous research added even more branches to the family tree of Francis and Agnes Carpenter and their nine children: Kate, Stella, John, George, Lottie, June, Minnie, Pearl and Roscoe.

Later that morning, the four drove to town to tour the Rippey Library to look at the school alumni records. Then it was on to the Rippey Cemetery to visit the gravesites of Kate (Carpenter) Garvin, June (Carpenter) Barr, Francis and Agnes Carpenter, Gertrude (Garvin) Andrews and Verna (Andrews) Roberts. As township clerk, Jean had all the cemetery records which proved invaluable! The last stop was Old Rippey Cemetery where Lottie (Carpenter) Lovejoy, another of the Carpenter sisters, was buried. After pictures were taken and goodbyes said Marolyn returned to Jefferson to research more records at the Jefferson Library and the Greene County Courthouse. Toni received a late afternoon phone call when Marolyn found another “tidbit” about Francis Carpenter and just had to share it! What a wealth of information gathered and shared and new friendships forged—it was a great weekend! --Phil and Toni Roberts