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Jay States Closes Store in Rippey, Iowa

Jay States wrote an article in the January 7, 1965 edition Globe Free Press reflecting on his retirement and memories of being a businessman in Rippey, as well as his family's business history.
Jay States Closes Store in Rippey, Iowa

Crumley and States Store, 1908, W. H. Crumley, C. D. States co-partners; Jay States, Clerk

From The Globe Free Press, Rippey News, January 7, 1965

States Looks Back Over the Past Year and Forward to the Future Years

               At the close of each year many people pause to view in retrospect some of the more important events which have taken place during that year as it concerns themselves.

               The year of 1964 has been rather a memorable one for ourselves as well as to others of the States clan.  Some of the things which have taken place may be of interest to others.

               Having been asked to write something about these happenings, I have compiled some statistics regarding some of the events.  This I do in all humility, without boasting, and without intent to gain publicity.

               Perhaps the main event of the year with us was the closing of our store.  This was done after 22 ½ years serving the public, all of which we enjoyed, and our gratitude is extended to our many patrons and customers.

               This event not only not only concerns us but should be of interest to the entire community, since by its closing, so was closed perhaps the oldest business establishment in Rippey, having been begun 90 or more years ago.  B. F. Osborn purchased the drug store from a Mr. Peabody in 1878. (By the way, we have the original inventory of the stock at the time of that transaction.)

               The building in which we conducted our business has been sold to the Town of Rippey and will be used to house the Rippey Public Library, and perhaps for other purposes as soon as some remodeling can be done.

               In this building I have personally spent 24 years behind the counters.  The building has been occupied by members of the States family for a total of more than 38 years, by Crumley and States 5 years; by States Hardware, 14 years; and by States Sundries 19 years.                                            

               The building was erected in 1901 for William Radebaugh following a disastrous fire which destroyed several buildings along the north side of Main Street in that block.

               Later owners of the building have been Joseph Lampman, Mrs. Frank White and John Shoemaker.  Other occupants of the building have been Radebaugh and Crumly, Radebaugh, Crumley and Company, J. H. Shoemaker, Frank Thompson, L. A. Senter and Son, all of whom operated general merchandise stores, also A. V. Lauver.

               Members of the States family have been in business in Rippey for a total of 63 years.

               In addition to the foregoing, the States farm has been sold after having been in the States name for a total of 78 years.

               As for the family name there has been, in years past, a total of 36 persons bearing the name States who have been patrons of the Rippey Post Office.  This number has been reduced to two, and in the not too distant future, these too, will be removed from the list.  And since at the present there is no indication that any will return to make his home in Rippey, it only remains that as for our family name it will, like many of those of the earlier settlers be found only in Rippey history, and on markers in the Rippey Cemetery. – Jay G. States, Rippey, Iowa