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Rippey, Iowa Poem 1901

Rippey, Iowa Poem published in the Register 1901

From The History of Rippey, 1849-1970, Pg. 151

(In Sept. 1922, the verses below were taken from an old copy of the Rippey Register in 1901) Reprint as of Sept., 1922, was made in the little paper, published monthly by the Rippey Savings Bank.  Found by Jean Borgeson

Rippey 1901

In the State of Iowa is laid the foundation
For one of the finest towns in this nation.
A beautiful village which stands on a hill--
The people not sluggards, but work with a will;
Four churches, a school house, a fine city hall;
Two doctors and a justice--each have many a call.

Two fine elevators to buy your grain;
Snyder sells tickets and welcomes each train.
Call on our masons if you want your house plastered;
Three painters, the art of fine painting have mastered,
George Robinson keeps the railroad in repair,
And Harmon Bros. do repairing with great care.

Our carpenters will build you a house of right design.
Go to McCrory if you want a nice place to dine.
Bullock and Kreamer keep the corner store,
While Rippey Mercantile Co. is just next door;
Nicholas and Fessler, blacksmith, just over the way;
Dugan and Fleetwood, barbers, are here to stay.

Hull and Harmon, the best of implements you will see,
And that Neel sells good lumber all agree.
Gilliland Bros. will sell you the best of beef,
If you trade with Osborn you'll have no cause for grief,
A good meal you will find at the Davenport hotel,

While Hull has extra fine groceries to sell.

Go to Breakman and he will make good your old shoes,
And Charlie Cox will tell you all the news.
At the Banks you will find friends tried and proven true.
And Osborn, the druggist, will be pleased to see you.
Mrs. Summer, the trimmer, does excellent work.
While Mr. John, the drayman, can be called no shirk.

A livery barn the town of Rippey does provide,
And Stallsmith, with harness, can fix you our for a ride.
Frank Brown, the city marshal, you can't fool,
As he allows no gambling or playing pool,
These and many more comforts I've not time to name,
Make Rippey a town of enviable fame.