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Rippey Library History

Highlights of the many decades of a library in Rippey, Greene Co., IA
Rippey Iowa P. T. A. Library Reopens September 1933
Jefferson Herald, Thursday, September 7, 1933: Starting in September, 1933, the P. T. A. Library hours are the same as they have been during the summer months. It is hoped that everyone who enjoys good reading will patronize the library in the Rippey Mercantile store.
Rippey Iowa P. T. A. Reopens Library October 1940
Jefferson Herald, October 24, 1940 Rippey Library Reopened The P.T.A. library has been reopened in the rear room of the Pelley store. A committee appointed by the president of the P.T.A has selected books from the traveling library in Des Moines and will soon be available to the people of the community. Arrangements are being made to have a girl appointed by the N. Y.A. (National Youth Administration) to be in charge during the library hours, which will be Tuesday afternoon and Saturday evening during the school year.
Rippey IA Ordinance #48 Established a Free Public Library June 12, 1944
At a meeting of the Town Council on June 12th, 1944, Ordinance #48 was passed and adopted, establishing a free public library for the Town of Rippey.
Rippey, Greene Co., IA Public Library, First Board and Year
News articles describing the first year since the ordinance was passed by the Rippey Town Council in June of 1944.
Mildred Castles, Temporary Rippey Librarian, 1944, Board Member 1945-1946
The library was formally organized in 1944-45 and the city council was asked to budget $298 for the library. The Rippey Savings Bank leased a small building on Main St.for $50 a year in which to house the library. Mrs. Mildred Castles served as temporary librarian and in 1945 Susie Wilson became the librarian.The first board included Helen Crumley, Miriam High, Lavina Fry, Nellie Senter, Wilmuth Peters. Later Mrs. Senter resigned and was replaced by Mrs. Millie Castles. Mildred and her husband, Dr. William Castles moved to Dallas Center in early April, 1946. Source: library records and newspaper articles.
Helen Crumley Rippey Iowa Library Board Member 1944 - 1963
Helen Crumley served on the board from the beginning in June 1944 and was president when she passed away on September 13, 1963.
Rippey Library Moving Day, April 17, 1965
Volunteers, young and old, help move the Rippey Library to its new location, April 17, 1965. This day will be remembered for a long time as one of Rippey's finest community effort.
Wilmuth Peters, Rippey Library Board Member, 1944 - 1979
Wilmuth Peters resigned from the Rippey Library Board in June, 1979 after serving in this capacity for 35 years. She was appointed to the board when the library was formally created by ordinance in June, 1944.
Lavina Fry, Rippey Library Board Member 1944 - 1979
Lavina Fry was one of the first board members appointed to the Rippey Library in 1944. She resigned in June, 1979 after serving 35 years.
Rippey Library Board Members, 1944 - 1979, Wilmuth Peters and Lavina Fry, Retire
The Rippey Library honored Wilmuth Peters and Lavina Fry, charter members of the Rippey Library Board of Trustees, who served their last terms on June 30, 1979.
Rippey Library Fundraiser March 2, 1980, Enjoyed by Many Great Supporters
At least 250 people enjoyed the Rippey Library Fundraiser on March 2, 1980. It seems everyone in the community shared the talents of many for this project for library repairs. It was so much fun watching and working together for this common cause in Rippey. I miss those days. Jean Borgeson, Library Board Member
Jerry Gillett Obituary, November 1980
Jefferson Herald November 27, 1980 Funeral services for Jerry P. Gillett were held Friday, Nov. 14, at the Carson Funeral Home in Ogden with the Rev Harry Smith officiating. Mr. Gillett died Wednesday, Nov. 12, at the North Grand Care Center in Ames at the age of 79.
Jerry Gillett Remembers Rippey and Grand Junction 1983
Jefferson Herald March 24, 1983 Jerry Gillett estate aids Grand Junction, Rippey By Bev Lehman The late Jerry Gillett lived out his life on a farm east of Rippey. He never married. When he drew up a new will in 1978 he chose to leave his estate to non-profit organizations in two Greene county towns, Grand Junction and Rippey.
Rippey Iowa Library Open House, April 26, 1981, Celebrates Retiring Trustee, Miriam High, Remodel Project and National Library Week
An open house honoring Miriam High after 37 years on the Rippey Board of Trustees. She, along with Wilmuth Peters and Lavina Fry were appointed to the board in 1944 by the Rippey City Council when they passed the ordinance creating a public library for Rippey. National Library Week and showing the completed remodeling on the library was also celebrated this day.
Rippey IA Library Celebrates 60 years; Honors Virgene Morse, Trustee, Nov. 2004
The Rippey public library will celebrate its 60th anniversary with an open house Saturday, Nov. 13, from 10 to 11 a.m. in the library community room. Long-time board member Virgene Morse will be honored for over 25 years of service. Other past board members to be recognized included Doris Tipton, Janice Johnston, Colleen Norgren and Pam Odin.
Rippey Library Open House December 2, 2006 a Great Success!
The library open house and Christmas party was a great success. Held on December 2, 2006, there were 89 children and adults in the library and 75 gifts were given. Peoples Bank provided books for each child and there was a drawing for an adult gift. Mark Kenan, with Golden Harvest Seeds provided some of the funds for the treats.
Soup Contest Held At Rippey Library, Jan. 15, 2011
Good soup, by former board members, provide close contest!
Toni Roberts, Rippey Librarian Retirement Party, Wednesday, September 19, 2012
A retirement party for Toni Roberts, Rippey was held on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.
Toni Roberts Retires September 22, 2012
Rippey Library Board members and Assistant Librarian wished Toni well in her retirement, as the community helped celebrate on September 19, 2012.
Andrea Williams, Rippey Librarian, March, 2015 to March, 2016
Rippey welcomed their new librarian. In spite of problems with the septic tank, Andrea Williams weathered her first week well. The community was encouraged to stop in and welcome Andrea to Rippey. Williams grew up in Pocahontas and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in English literature with minors in technical communication and history. She is currently taking courses online through the University of Wisconsin-Madison to earn her master’s degree in library and information studies, and hopes to graduate in August of 2016. She married in August of 2014, and currently lives with her husband in Boone. Andrea was honored at a farewell open house on March 24, 2016. Andrea has accepted a new, full time job in Boone. Many came to say goodbye and wish her well as she takes this new path in her life. The library board thanked her for her year at Rippey.
Rippey Library Board Honors Katrina Buttler October 29, 2016
Katrina Buttler, Rippey Librarian, was honored on Saturday, October 29, 2017 as she is leaving to pursue other ventures in her life. They thanked her for the time she devoted to the Rippey Library. Katrina began her duties as Rippey Librarian on April 18, 2016.