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Soup Contest Held At Rippey Library, Jan. 15, 2011

Good soup, by former board members, provide close contest!

     On Saturday, January 15, 2011, the Rippey Public Library held their annual Soup Cook-off Contest.  The former library board members furnished the soup and goodies for the event, with the exception of one of our best supporters, Dennis Ulrich, who furnished "just because he wanted to" or he wanted to see if his soup would beat Sharon's!  (It didn't)
    Those who attended enjoyed tasting six different soups, cookies, brownies, and vegetables.  Besides Dennis, those providing soup and other goodies included, Sharon Ulrich, Phyllis Bardole, DeeAnn Thompson, Doug Grow, Lori Bardole, Virgene Morse, Marilyn Naylor, Janice Johnston, Colleen Norgren, and Pam Odin.   These people were board members for many years and are still very willing to help support the library activities when they can. This was a good-natured contest and the members of the 2011 board are pretty sure there was no ballot tampering!
     The current board members want thank those who provided and those who came.  Not only was there good soup, but there was good visiting!  Oh, yes.  Sharon was the winner, by one vote! Dennis tied with Lori Bardole.   The only "prize" for these winners, is to see their names in the paper!!  Of course, they are all winners, for participating. The free-will donation will help with the general budget of the library. By Velda DeMoss, Board Member and editor of the Rippey News.  {our favorite "Mouth of Rippey)

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