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Rippey Library Fundraiser March 2, 1980, Enjoyed by Many Great Supporters

At least 250 people enjoyed the Rippey Library Fundraiser on March 2, 1980. It seems everyone in the community shared the talents of many for this project for library repairs. It was so much fun watching and working together for this common cause in Rippey. I miss those days. Jean Borgeson, Library Board Member

Rippey Library Fundraiser, March 6, 1980

Jefferson Herald, March 6, 1980

Rippey News Report by Mrs. Paul (Ferne) Holmes

Evidence of the Rippey community's cooperation was shown Sunday afternoon, March 2, at the Rippey gym when an enjoyable program was presented through the combined efforts of amateur talent. At least 250 people were in attendance for the library repairs project.

The Marlene Radebaugh group presented a selection of songs, pleasing to the crowd as they assembled for the program. It was followed by the Rippey Singers, composed of 20 voices, conducted by Jean Borgeson and accompanied by Midge Grow, with a medley of favorite song s in the "Get Happy" theme.

 The one act comedy, "Great Smokies," received enthusiastic applause, as the local cast displayed their acting ability. A gift was presented to Roy Bardole, director of the play.  

Several numbers were given by students of the Sue Diehl Dance Studio; a skit by the junior MYF and a couple selections by a quartet compose d of Lyle Von Behren and sons Bill, Dan, and Jim, and blackout skits "The Great Beyond " and "Forget Me Not " by local citizen s with surprising climaxes . The disco group from East Greene High School students performed to the delight of the crowd; and the afternoon activities were capped by 15 members of the Raccoon Valley Chapter of Sweet Adelines, who presented several selections. In fact, if you weren't present, you missed a delightful afternoon of varied entertainment. 


Jefferson Herald April 3, 1980

Rippey News Report by Mrs. Paul (Ferne) Holmes

The Rippey library received a grant of $4,953 from the Iowa rural development committee. The grants are made under a program that gives communities with population of less than 2,500 up to $5,000 for each community project. Each grant must be matched with at least 60 percent local money or services. Rippey has met the goal by the following: $4,932.50 in cash gifts and memorials, $502.07 in proceeds  from the variety show, $2,200 in estimated proceeds from donated labor. These amounts total S7.634.57, or $200 over our goal.

Rippey was one of 62 communities to receive a grant. Rippey's sponsoring agent is the Rippey town council. Work will be started as soon as the sponsoring agent receives the official notification and the grant.