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Rippey Library Moving Day, April 17, 1965

Volunteers, young and old, help move the Rippey Library to its new location, April 17, 1965. This day will be remembered for a long time as one of Rippey's finest community effort.
Rippey Library Moving Day, April 17, 1965

Lots of young helpers!

From The Globe Free Press, Rippey News, April 22, 1965

 Library Moves to New Location

               Saturday, April 17, was a busy day for those helping get the Rippey Public Library moved to its new location, which was formerly the Jay Sates Sundries Store. 

               By 9 a. m. the block between the two libraries was lined with coaster wagons, pulled by grade school children.  Each child and each wagon had a number tag.  The books had also been tagged to eliminate confusion in the moving.  One crew of women supervised by Mrs. C. W. Killam, loaded books into the wagons and another crew, supervised by Mrs. Gladys Anderson and Mrs. Carville Scharingson, placed them upon the shelves in the order previously planned.

               Everyone thought that there would be a lot of space on the shelves, but as the day wore on, several men were called in to bring down additional shelves.  By evening, the entire library had been transferred, and the new library looked just like most homes look on moving day.  Mrs. Anderson said, “We finally locked the door on the confusion and staggered home, tired, but proud of what had been accomplished.”  Monday, the librarian, board members, and volunteer helpers finished with the arrangement of books and furniture.

               A new desk and swivel chair has been purchased for the use of the librarian.  A new children’s reading table has been donated by Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Peters in the name of Dan Peters, Sheila DeMoss Johnston and Lloyd DeMoss.  Six chairs for this table were purchased from the Ogden Church and refinished by Mrs. Killam.

               A new reading table and six new chairs are being added and two maple arm chairs have been donated by Delma Fisher Manett.  Mr. and Mrs. Peters bought and donated the stove.  The lumber yard gave the paint for the ceiling.  Mr. and Mrs. Jay States donated the paint for the walls, a printing set, the wall clock and two show cases.  Mr. and Mrs. Killam furnished the vinyl floor covering at cost, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Watt ran the ads and pictures in their paper at no cost and Guy Rice repaired a chair.

               Curtains will be added to the windows soon, and a restroom will be added later.

               Around 5,000 books were transferred in one day, along with all the magazines, paperbacks, boxes of supplies and furniture.  It had been expected that it would take two days to do this, and thus several women of the Searchlight Club and others were not called upon to help.  It is expected they will be called upon later to help with the Open House.

               Also, assisting throughout the day Saturday were the Honor Society of the East Greene School, with Carol Norgren acting as committee chairman.  Three dens of cub scouts and a few others did the job of pulling the coaster wagons.  Some of the Searchlight Club members and others aided in the work.

               Those helping throughout the day Saturday, were:  Cleone Killam, Dorothy Scharingson, Miriam High, Gladys Anderson, Lila Johnson, Hazel Lauver, Grace Glidden, Elsie High, Lois Nye, Iva Jo Muir, Frances Norgren, Cynthia Bohner, Ronda Ridnour, Charlene Clatt, Winnie States, Carol Norgren, Barbara Norgren, Kristine Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, Janice McDowell, Hazel Nye, Diane Kever, Patty Grow, Cheri Muir, Teresa Nail, Margaret Burrell, Wilmuth Peters, Dorothy Kupfer, Nelle Derry, David Chase, Mike Minnihan, Ted Johnston, Duane Coon, Terry Fry, Gary Hagler, Jerry Rains, Jim Walzer, Steve Muir, Bob Gilroy, Brian Mowrer, Roger Norgren, Jeff Tiffany, Jim Erickson, Dennis Kever, Jake Peters, Wilton Killam, Ralph Johnson, Walter Johnson.

               The names of those who helped previous to moving were not available this week.