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Rippey IA Ordinance #48 Established a Free Public Library June 12, 1944

At a meeting of the Town Council on June 12th, 1944, Ordinance #48 was passed and adopted, establishing a free public library for the Town of Rippey.

From a postcard to Lavina Fry, dated June 13, 1944:

                Dear Madam:

                At a meeting of the Town Council on June 12th, 1944, Ordinance #48 was passed and adopted, establishing a free public library for the Town of Rippey.  Also at said meeting you were appointed as one of five trustees to serve on the Library Board.

Yours Respectfully,

       Jay States, Town Clerk

Jefferson Bee June 20, 1944

New Rippey Library

                A free public library for the town of Rippey was provided for in an ordinance recently passed by the town council, and a library board has been appointed by Mayor H. E. Van Horn. Included on the board are Mrs. Lester High, Mrs. E. C. Fry, Mrs. C. A. Senter, Mrs. D. M. Crumley and Mrs. J. J. Peters.

                Several years ago an effort was made to have a library and many books were donated and several purchased.  These will be used as a nucleus for the new library, and the board would appreciate further donations of good books and magazines.

                It may be necessary for the town and the library board to ask for a donation of funds with which the purchase of books, since the *tax levy is not available until next April.  In addition, traveling library books will also be used, at least for the time being.

                Anyone interested in helping with the library or in obtaining information about it is invited to call or contact any of the members of the board, which has been given full charge of all arrangements. 

  • Iowa  legislators passed law providing funding for public libraries



Thursday, June 25, 1944

               LIBRARY BOARD MEETS

At the first meeting of the Library Board, Mrs. D. M. Crumley was elected president and Mrs. Lester High, secretary. J. H. Van Scoy will act as treasurer. A budget was set up and it was decided to use the building next to the Pelley store belonging to the Rippey Savings Bank, for the library.
The committee would appreciate donations of books in good condition, money and furniture consisting of tables, suitable for reading tables and chairs. A hall tree and clock could also be used. Books may be left at the Senter’s or States stores and the committee should be notified of any other donations.

Jefferson Herald, August 10, 1944

The Rippey Library will be open to the public for the first time next Wednesday, Aug. 16, although the tax appropriation to support the project will not become available until next spring. With the spirited interest of the community and their combined efforts, a collection of books and equipment for the
reading room has been gathered to start the project.
A recent and sizable gift is one of several hundred books of the library of the late W. E. Jenison, given to the library by Mrs. Jenison, who also gave the library a sectional bookcase. Mrs. Morton Wolfe and Miss Verna Lawton have donated magazines to be used by the library, the first in the town of Rippey.

The first board included Helen Crumley, Miriam High, Lavina Fry, Nellie Senter, Wilmuth Peters. Later Mrs. Senter resigned and was replaced by Mrs. Millie Castles. A few replacements have been made at various times to fill vacancies including Mrs. Mabyl Martin, who served for a number of years.

 From an article by Mrs. Jay (Winnie) States, in The Globe:

"The Rippey Savings Bank should receive a worth mention in this project, having leased their building to the library board for $50 per year and even remodeled it for their use. Later they installed lights and were generous and considerate of the needs of the board. Later the back room was refinished for the overflow and fluorescent lights were installed.”

The library board expressed to the town council the need for $298 which was granted and included in the annual town budget. The tax money from this budget estimate was received September 1945. At that time a librarian was hired with regular scheduled hours. From that time the progress and interest steadily increased."