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Rippey Lions Sponsor V-J Day Celebration September 7, 1945

Rippey Lions Club sponsored impromptu V-J celebration Friday afternoon and evening, September 7, 1945.


The Jefferson Bee; September 11, 1945

Sponsored by the Lions Club

Editor G. E. Whitehead is Speaker;

Races, Concessions and Ball Game Featured

Rippey staged an impromptu V-J celebration Friday afternoon and evening under the sponsorship of the local Lions club. Club members said that planning for the afternoon and evening celebration had been under way but a short time. The afternoon program opened as G. E. Whitehead, owner and publisher of the Perry paper, spoke to the people on his trip to the fighting zones in Europe. He pointed out that American soldiers had given this nation something to live up to in the eyes of everyone the men had contacted. Turning to the present world conditions and the continuation or compulsory military training, Whitehead came out flatly for training He asked the audience a hypothetical question, "Do you want your boys to have a year or two of military training under conditions of keeping peace in the world or do you want them to have some four years under battle conditions again?"

He added that it would take years to eradicate Nazi doctrines and Japanese training and that would mean policing those nations.

Booths were in operation or being set up around town. The Rebekah’s had a stand in front of the I.O.O.F hall and were selling food and soft drinks. Across the street was the Lions bingo stand, which did not open during the afternoon. Next door to the hall was a ball toss game run by Lions. Other concessions were a penny toss game, a ring-the-duck tank and a midget gasoline powered auto.

At the close of the talk by Whitehead a series of races was held in the street. Winners in the foot races were as follows:

Eight and Under—1, Larry High, 2, Larry Anderson, 3, Dickie Heater.

Ten and Under—1, Tommy Peterson, Danny Peters, 3, Russell Laub. Twelve to 14 B and G.—l,  Gilbert Huskey, 2, Jean Peterson, 3, Leo Huskey.

Boys' Free-for-All—1, Gordon Brown, 2, Lavere Derry, 3 Darrell McDowell.

 Girls Free-for-All—1,  LeJane Johnson, 2, Jean Peterson, 3, Marjorie Anderson.

Three Legged Race—1, Charles Derry and Leo Huskey, 2, Tom Peterson and David Owen, 3, Lavere Derry and Gordon Brown.

 Sack Race—1, Jimmie Morse, 2 Danny Peters, 3, Marvin Renderson.

The bicycle races were held over a two-block long course ending at the street corner by the drugstore.

Boys' Bike Race—1, Dallas Speed, 2, Leon McDowell and Darrell McDowell. (The judges were unable to